DIY Trick For My Preschooler To Write In The Lines

~ Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 12:55 AM ~

Few days ago, I printed some free handwriting practise worksheet template which I found online and started letting our girl write on it.

DIY Trick For Preschooler To Write In The Lines

Picture on left - when you left her on her own to write her name...
Picture on right - when I stayed right next to her and kept on reminding her to stay within the 2 lines as she writes her name...

It was so frustrating to me to see her trying to grasp the concept of writing in between the 2 lines. So, that day, I had to crack my brain and think of how to get our kiddos to learn and remember better. And today I'm sharing my personal DIY trick in getting our 4 year old girl to write in between the lines. I used the empty side of a postcard and made 2 boxes. One square box and one slim rectangular box like below. Then I use a loytape to tape all around the edge of the boxes.

DIY Trick For Preschooler To Write In The Lines

I then let our girl used it. Works so much better and easier! I love it!

DIY Trick For Preschooler To Write In The Lines

The close up of her written work for the day!

DIY Trick For Preschooler To Write In The Lines

Of course there are so many other ways online if you googled for it, but the above is my personal DIY trick which is working for now. I will keep my options open for other tricks as well if this trick stop working hahahaha but until then, I am loving what I'm seeing!

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