Fan Question - Sex Education

~ Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2015 at 3:39 PM ~

I received this question from a fan asking to post this anonymously. Do note that parenting is a life long journey, we learn on the job and nobody is perfect. Don't assume, bash or judge unless you are in the same shoes. Please refrain from bashing anyone and just share your thoughts and experiences, provide your positive and/or encouraging support, else, move along to the next post.

Fan Question

Hi! I would like to ask this question anonymously. Yesterday night, my girl (6 yrs old) flipped the encyclopedia and came to this page...

Sex Education

...and was about to ask me questions when I quickly told her, "Oh, now is time to sleep, faster keep the book..."

We have yet to return back to this topic.  

How do you approach the topic of sexual intercourse with your child, especially this young? Please share your approach and tips.


**** Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for any comments/suggestions shared by others and may not have time to moderate all the comments, please trust your instincts and rely on common sense, research as much as you can on the suggestions you've been given before implementing it. I will add the helpful responses received from the FB post thread into this post for future references.

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