Teaching & Learning Moment - Mushrooms

~ Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 6:30 AM ~

I like to bring our kiddos to the playground whenever situations and weather permits. As usual, one morning after dropping off our oldest kiddo at kindy, I brought our girls to the playground and it rained earlier in the morning so the place was still a bit wet and the playground equipments are still wet so we ended up just walking around the playground while I tried looking for things to show our girls to keep them interested. Then I saw this...

Teaching & Learning Moment

Now why this falls into the 'Teaching & Learning Moments!'?

* I get to teach our girls not to simply touch any mushrooms (we don't know whether they are poisonous or not).

* I also gently explained that the poisonous ones can make your skin itchy or red or have rashes, so safer to just leave it alone and admire from a distance.

* I get to teach our youngest girl to pronounce the word 'mushroom' properly.


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