Teaching & Learning Moment - Ice Cream Sticks

~ Posted on Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 6:26 AM ~

I love to look for things that I can use as teaching tools for our kiddos. Simple, bulk quantity and inexpensive preferably. I bought this bunch of colored ice cream sticks online for very good deal, less than USD2 (about RM7) for 50 sticks. I bought 150 sticks since I have 3 kiddos and the amount is just nice for now.

Now I tried not to make it too obvious that I want to teach them stuff, so I started with easy peasy games like, how many sticks am I holding, what color sticks are you holding, how do you make triangle or other shapes with the sticks on your hand and so on.

Teaching & Learning Moment

When I noticed our kiddos start to lose attention, I changed the game to other things. I say 'Here's all the sticks, go crazy and make me something!' At first they don't know where to start. So I gave them some ideas on what to make.

Rocket! And our 6 years old boy proceeded to make a rocket from the sticks on the floor, complete with launchpad, words out of his mouth. I was wondering where he hears the word 'launchpad' from but oh well, kids, very smart these days! Our 3.5 years old girl also made a rocket of her own.

Teaching & Learning Moment

Then they continued making more stuff, robot by our 6 years old boy, flowers from our 3.5 years old girl and an angry looking dinosaur which escaped from its cage, done by our 6 years old boy (we watched Jurassic World recently)

Teaching & Learning Moment

Will share more in near future if possible ;)

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