Teaching & Learning Moment - Sweeping

~ Posted on Monday, May 11, 2015 at 7:16 AM ~

I recently bought this small little dustpan thingy via eBay (it's about USD1.28 including shipping to Malaysia) and I personally feel it is a cute and neat trick to get our kiddos to be involved in a bit of house chores as well. It is just the right size for their tiny fingers and small hands, perfect for them to maneuver around.

Teaching & Learning Moment

Now why this falls into the 'Teaching & Learning Moments!'?

* I get to teach our kiddos about responsibilities - clean up after making a mess.

* I get to teach our kiddos to practise their motor skills and dexterity - to sweep and aim the dust/rubbish into the pan.

* I don't need to lug the vacuum cleaner or bring in the big broom and dustpan into the room to sweep up minor mess.


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