Teaching & Learning Moment - Shadows

~ Posted on Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6:17 AM ~

Took a few tries to get this shot... I just dropped off our oldest kiddo at his kindy and since the weather was lovely, I took our girls to the park nearby and let them play for a while. The sun was shining and seeing their shadows cast on the ground, I decided to take advantage of the teaching and learning moment to try to teach our girls (especially our 3.5 years old Alyson since she can understand better nowadays) on the topic of shadows.

I got her attention by telling her to look on the floor and with my shadow, I showed to her how our shadow can still touch each other, giving high fives, tickles, and more. When she swings further away, her shadow grew longer while it grows nearer and bigger as she swings closer.

They enjoyed seeing their shadows and was amazed with the shadow sizes and lengths as their distance varied while on the swing. Fun!

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