Let's Learn Bahasa & Cantonese - How Are You?

~ Posted on Thursday, January 8, 2015 at 11:49 PM ~

It started out with a personal message sent from one of my Facebook page fans asking me whether I can teach her some Malaysian words as her son is half Malaysian and she would love to b able to teach him some words to surprise his grandmother. So I replied her back with some basic greetings to start off our lessons hahaha...

And then I thought why not share it with the page as well? So I asked around on my page to see the response:

Let's Learn Bahasa & Cantonese

And the response is very encouraging! One even asked whether I can teach her Cantonese. Okay, sure sure!

Ever since I started kindergarten at 6 years old, I have been attending public schools (main language is Bahasa Malaysia) and during my earlier years, I mixed around with a lot of Malay friends and even spoke Bahasa with my elder brother at home (he also attends public schools), even to this day. So Bahasa Malaysia used to be my main language other than Cantonese and later on English (brushed up more when I met my hubby then boyfriend through snail mails, I had to practise and brush up my English as he doesn't speak Cantonese) Anyway, I think it is fun to be able to practise back and sharing what I know with those of you who are interested.

And so, here goes our first lesson: HOW ARE YOU?

I think this phrase is easily one of the popular ones use all around the world. It opens up conversations and makes you feel welcomed.

Let's Learn Bahasa & Cantonese


For those of you who are more often on Facebook, you can also find the tutorials on my Facebook fan page. I have created a "Let's Learn Bahasa & Cantonese!" album to store the phrases. Enjoy learning!

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