What It Means To Be A Malaysian

~ Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 12:08 AM ~

I came across this article on what it means to be a Malaysian. I agree with the article:

"A foreigner reading the local news of late would be left with the impression that Malaysians were an unhappy lot – paranoid that their respective communities were under threat and quick to provoke or threaten other Malaysians in the name of their race or personal beliefs. But it would be a mistake to stereotype all Malaysians based on what a few individuals, claiming to be their community’s representatives, say."

To be honest, it hurts every time I read about certain individuals raising up issues to divide, to bring down, to condemn, to devalue and many more disrespectful and disgusting acts.

 Being Malaysian to me is living in a multi-racial country, each and every one of us care and respect one another.

 I am proud to be a Malaysian, so I say to these individuals,

"Stop trying to divide us up with issues on religions, on races, on historical foundations and more. These are the very things that made up Malaysia to what it is today. These are the things that make Malaysia as unique and yet diverse and a wonderful blend of peaceful people."


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