More Than Meets The Eye...

~ Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 7:02 AM ~

Earlier last week, I asked our 4 years old boy to make a Lego car for me and when he showed me a plain simple rectangle looking box which he said is a Lego car, I thought in my heart 'Bah... so simple!' and then I jokingly asked him how to drive the car then?

He said need to take out the car roof.

And so he demonstrated to me by slowly lifting up the roof part and revealed what's inside his Lego car...

A car seat with steering and dashboard INSIDE!

Oh my awesometastic boy!!! I am just gobsmacked at this display of brilliance!!

There is more than meets the eye for this little child of mine!

Thank you God for blessing us with this child!

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