Oh How I Love Napping!

~ Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 8:26 AM ~


The first time I saw this picture, I chuckled to myself. So true! When our 2nd child came along, I was quite miserable. I had spent quite sometime adjusting myself and synching both my kiddos' daytime nap so that they both nap together and I get to rest a bit and just when they did managed to do that, my girl skipped her 2nd nap. There goes 1-2 hours of my rest time.

Now, I managed to sync their naptime again to around 2ish to 3ish pm and when they do both nap, it will be 2 hours of rest for me. That is if I don't have to help out hubby in his paperworks (not often nowadays). Sometimes just when I managed to close my eyes to rest, there comes the postman or delivery guy sending parcels and stuff to our house.

Or my 4 years old boy decided to skip his daytime nap - the good thing is when he does this, he knows not to disturb mummy resting and he can actually play his Lego or soldier toys by himself or watch iPad. Bad thing? He gets cranky by evening time because he skipped his nap and to be honest, when he skipped his nap, no matter how, I am not able to just sleep and let my boy play on his own. I just don't feel comfortable at all. So I normally just lie on the bed, surfed the Net on my iPad or catch up on my blogging or see if there's anything to help out on hubby's paperwork.

On average, if I'm lucky I get about half to 1 hour of sleep when BOTH my kiddos nap at the same time. Else, it will be me zombie-ing throughout the day until their bedtime. It's pretty tough especially now that I'm preggy with our 3rd child because I do really get tired easily and even a 5 minutes power nap does help here and there.

So mums, do you get to have your nap time?

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