In Remembrance of My Beloved Dad...

~ Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 4:15 PM ~

Today is 23rd April 2013... 7 years has gone since my dad passed away.

7 years ago, I get to hear with my own ears from dad, that Jesus is good. I get to hear this from a devout Buddhist, a good man who takes care of his family, a good father who makes sure that his wife and children (a son and a daughter) have everything they need in their lives.

I've been trying to tell dad about Jesus weeks before he passed away. One time, when he was ordered to stay in the hospital for a night, I told dad (after mum and my elder brother walked away) to pray to God if there is 'anything' disturbing him at night.

Being a Chinese, we folks tend to believe in ghosts and stuff, but since I became a Christian, I am not afraid of such evil spirits and I still remember telling dad clearly "Dad, if at night when you're sleeping and there is 'things' disturbing you, pray to your God. If your God can't help you, please try to call on Jesus name. Just try this as a last resort, OK?"

The next morning, when dad is back home, I heard my brother asking him whether there is any 'thing' disturbing him at night, to which my dad just brushed him off by saying no. After my brother left (he stayed at another place with his family), I went and asked my dad the same question.

Me: Pa, did anything disturb you at night yesterday?

Dad: Yes, you know my legs not straight because of the gout, so at night I was sleeping, felt something trying to pull my legs straight.

Me: Maybe the nurse doing that?

Dad: No. Couldn't be cos' the thing keep pulling even though I said "please stop pulling, my legs hurt".

Me: Then did you pray to your God?

Dad: I did.

Me: Did it help?

Dad: No. The thing still pulling my legs.

Me: Then did you call on Jesus name?

Dad: Yes. I said in my head 'Jesus, please help me. My legs hurt'.

(Praise God I'm hearing this, but trying to keep my excitement down)

Me: Then what happened?

Dad: Then that thing stopped pulling. I continued my sleep in peace.

Me: Wah! See, isn't it good?

Dad: Actually Jesus is good.
(Amen to that!)

You know, because of what my dad said "Actually Jesus is good" that I believed.

I believed my dad has put his faith in Him.
I believed when my dad passed away, he is up in heaven with Him.
I believed my dad is in a better place now, and no longer suffering.

I'm glad I'm able to kiss your forehead and tell you 'I love you' every time I wiped your head, face and body when you were bedridden.
I'm glad I'm able to tell you some of the bible stories (children version for easier understanding).
I'm glad I'm able to accompany you at night (even though it means I'm sleeping on the floor next to dad's bed)
I'm glad I'm around when you left us.
I'm glad God heard my prayers that everything be done according to His will, that you leave in peace and no longer need to endure any sufferings.

Dad, even though it has been 7 years now, I still reminisce the time we spent together. I wished I could do more things with and for you while you are still alive. I will always cherished and treasure our moments together. Take care of mum, and I hope to see you guys one day in heaven. Thank you dad for everything. Amen...

** John 1:12 (NIV) Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name,
he gave the right to become children of God

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md kennedy

I can only imagine how hard it is to lose a parent. At 50, I only just loss my last remaining grandparent (she was a strong and witty 98)- I am VERY lucky. Trying to convert parents, whether religiously or otherwise, is sometimes so hard!

Maria Iemma

I lost my Dad 10 years ago and it is still fresh in my mind. I am lucky to still have my Mom but she is not well and I now make sure to say I love you every day.

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