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My 4 years old boy is VERY into CCTV lately. It started out innocently during a recent visit to my SIL's condominium and on our way back, Benjamin noticed the CCTV camera right at the corner in the lift and started asking me what is that. And that started everything....

I explained to him it was a camera to monitor any naughty children who threw tantrums in the lift (to scare my boy who on and off likes to throw tantrums), or bad people who wanted to vandalise the lift or cause crimes in the lift like stealing people's wallet or kidnapping etc etc. He seems satisfied with my answers and remained quiet until that night... and asked me again the same question. And I repeated my answer.

The next few days, we went to Tesco for grocery shopping and he noticed another type of CCTV hanging from the top and asked me what is that. And again, I tell him the same thing. Few minutes later, he asked me why is the CCTV STILL there. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I remained cool and answered again it will remain there forever.

Another time when we were out eating at a food shop, he asked me why aren't there any cameras in the food shop? I looked at hubby and told him to answer giving him my take-over-this-I'm up-to-here-tired-with-the-same-questions-over-and-over-and-over-again look... Before hubby could reply, Ben pointed at a corner of the shop and said 'There! There's a camera there!'


And then he asked why is the camera there. I continued eating my food, letting hubby answered our boy and Ben continued asking why the CCTV never moved. Hubby told him it cannot move, else it will not be able to capture the criminal's face.

And then on Sunday during church service before hubby brought our kiddos to their Sunday classes (normally I will bring Alyson while hubby will drop Ben off at his class before heading back to main hall for sermon but that Sunday I was sick and told hubby to take over) and Ben asked me 'Why is there no camera in church?'

Oh boy....

I told him because there is no criminal in church and that everybody behaves properly in church?

And then he asked hubby the same question and hubby told him because God is watching.

Ooo... nice reply!

Cctv Camera by colin russell

CCTV.... so many questions from a same device... and yet different varieties of reply which can come from it... hmmm...

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be ready for more questions!!
the what why who how and when!
most headache with WHY????

Holly Gomez

I think we have all been there with the frustration with the thousands of questions. I keep reminding myself that without asking questions, there is no way to learn Smile


That is so funny!  Especially the part about God watching us.

april m

My grandsons are 3 and 4,everything is how does this work,why does it do that?how come?what letter does this begin with?etc. curiousity is wonderful,I see it as a gift,and theyre still so innocent at this age,they dont realize theyre learning things when u answer them.

Wendy Price

LOL. I can't wait until my boy starts driving me nuts with questions.


So true with the questions - at least they haven't reached the "It doesn't say that it says this and why do you say that.." I feel like she is talking back to me but doesn't understand that she is doing it - I get questioned on everything I tell her to do, not questions about things - just be glad they are here to ask questions(even if they are the same ones over and over and over again) it will end one day and you will miss it...

md kennedy

You do realize, don't you, that his obsession will NEVER END!!


Hahaha you have more patience than me.... I can;t stand having to repeat myself a billion times


It's great that children are curious about things. Frustrating at times.That was a good comment your husband had.


very observant kid.. i think my son nvr notice anything hanging on his head pun~~  hahah

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