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~ Posted on Monday, April 8, 2013 at 1:15 PM ~

How often you get to review products from a leading household brand? And their latest range of products too! I received an email pitch asking whether I would be interested to review TwinkleTup, Tupperware's latest range of innovative products for children and toddlers and of course I said YES! Leading household brand, new products for children and toddlers! Count me in!

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Tupperware TwinkleTup

Description from the product page:
"Tupperware Brands, a company synonymous with making a difference to the lives of women all around the world, including Malaysia, have taken their relationship with women, especially mothers to the next level by introducing TwinkleTup, a new range of innovative products for children and toddlers.

Designed and developed after extensive research, tests and feedback from mothers, teachers and child developmentalists in markets worldwide, including Malaysia, TwinkleTup is a range of bright, colorful and specially designed range of drinking and feeding system for toddlers aged 6-18months and 18-36 months. The entire range of TwinkleTup comprise Twinkle Training Cup, Twinkle Snack Cup, Twinkle Hang on Spoon, Twinkle Easy Grip Bowl, Twinkle Cutlery Set and Twinkle Feeding Bowl. "

I'm a full-time mummy

My feedback will be based on each of the products I received, grouped by 2 categories of the TwinkleTup range which are the Twinkle Totz Set (6-18 months) and Twinkle Kidz Set (18-36 months). I got the products for both age group as Alyson is 18 months old and being in between these 2 groups, Tupperware was so generous enough to send me both age groups for us to try out! Awesome!

The 6 to 18 months Twinkle Totz Set

Tupperware TwinkleTup

Twinkle Training Cup - this cup is easy for my 1.5 year old girl to hold, all you need to do is turn the recessed lid a little and you just tilt the cup like how you drink from a cup and the water will flow smoothly to the rim. I tried it myself and the water flow is fast and smooth, unlike another brand of training cup I reviewed last year which required my child to suckle at the rim in order to get the water.

Tupperware TwinkleTup

Twinkle Snack Cup - This has got to be one of the cutest snack cup I've ever had for my kiddos! Despite its small size, it really can store quite a lot of snacks in the cup! The cover lid is a bit difficult for me to close off initially (but I think that's because it's brand new and I need some more practises with the One Touch method to open and close Tupperware products) but it does seal the snacks inside and maintain its freshness and crispness. I love the color combination for the snack cup and it is easy for my toddler to hold and carry around. Also she does not get her chubby hand stuck in the snack cup despite my initial fear that the cup looks a bit too small for her to stuff her hand inside. Plus point as well!

Tupperware TwinkleTup

Twinkle Easy Grip Bowl & Hang on Spoon -This is another cute little bowl which I used to put snacks and fruits in for my kiddos. It comes with a hang-on spoon where you can easily rest the spoon by leaning the groove part to the lid of the bowl. This bowl came with a blue colored cover which snaps on easily and closes the bowl conveniently. I do prefer to reuse the spoon for the Twinkle Feeding Bowl so if there's any way Tupperware could sort of add on another groove on the higher part of the spoon so that I can also rest the spoon on the Twinkle Feeding Bowl I think that would be awesome! But then, that's just my own preference of being able to make full use of the spoon whenever possible.

Tupperware TwinkleTup


The 18 to 36 months Twinkle Kidz Set

Tupperware TwinkleTupTwinkle Cutlery Set - Okay, the first time I opened up the orange-y colored pencil-case container and found a set of fork and spoon inside, the first thing that came into my mind is 'Oooo... I can recycle this case to be Ben's pencil case next time!' Woopss... sorry but I sometime tend to have ideas to recycle kiddos stuff! Anyway, the red colored fork and spoon fits nicely into the container and I guess it serves the purpose of being able to carry the cutlery set around everywhere you go! The size of the cutlery is just right not too small and easy to be hold by kiddos fingers, handling wise although the design is ergonomic, there are times the fork and spoon slipped right out of my wet hands (I sometimes feed my kiddos as we need to rush through our timetable when kiddos are having their slow-poke moments)

Tupperware TwinkleTup

Twinkle Feeding Bowl - Oooo! I love this gigantic feeding bowl. Okay, it feels gigantic to me anyway. The feeding bowl comes with a green colored cover which you can easily snap close onto the feeding bowl. The bowl is not too deep or too shallow and I like that my kiddos and I can easily scoop the remaining food in the bowl. 

Tupperware TwinkleTup

Twinkle Straw Tumbler & Straw Brush (not shown in picture) - This is by far my favorite products in the TwinkleTup range. My girl can easily hold and carry it around and I did tried to sip some water from the tumbler and I love the fast flowing water (unlike my kiddos' current water bottles which are quite difficult to suck through the water) One thing that I would totally like Tupperware to consider is to add a cute little strap around the tumbler so we could easily bring it out and hang it in our stroller or around kiddo's shoulder or sling across their body. That would be perfect!

Tupperware TwinkleTup

In summary, what is awesome about the TwinkleTup range of products is they are BPA-free, non-toxic, colour-safe and children-safe, something that us parents look out for and very concerned with when buying things for our children in this modern age. In addition, the products are said to comply with international standards and come with a lifetime warranty. Coolness!

I'm a full-time mummy

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You can also view this video on the TwinkleTup products.

I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products by Tupperware in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

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like like like!! might get 1 for my kiddos too...

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Hey Miki!
Get the 18 to 36 months Twinkle Kidz Set for Mboy! Smile

Susan Broughton

Susan Broughton says:

This is some really cute tupperware,  I have not seen these before.  I think that my nephew would so like to have something like this for his own.  Thanks for the review

Lisa R

Always loved Tupperware.....these will make it through anything and still be around when we're all gone

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Alicia S.

Oh my! I'm going to get some of these for my nephew... or myself. I don't think my 15 year old daughter would like them too much. ;D

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