What Got Me Through My Morning Sickness...

~ Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 7:53 AM ~

This, ladies and gentlement, is what got me through the early days of nausea feeling during my torturing morning sickness phase... with Benjamin and Alyson, I had nausea for about 2 weeks but this 3rd pregnancy seems to last longer.

I'm at my 3rd month now and still need to rely on this every now and then..

The usual pickled/preserved fruits does not seem to work for me, all except this. Thank God!

What about you? What got you through your morning sickness?

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eee.... prickle made me worst... when i vomit the sourness made me wanna vomit more.. take care.. i guess.. this is the "joy" being mother.. Smile

Hannah Pitts

It sounds good! Will have to remember this. Hopefully I will need it again someday. =) Pinning it for friends now though! =)

md kennedy

My step-daughter seems to have had morning sickness all the way through her pregnancy (she's due in May).  She tried medication, but really did not want to have it in the baby as well as her.  Her solution: dried ginger chews.  Plus, the rest of the family can steal one now and then because of all of us love them!

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