Dream After Death... Truth or Just Mind Tricks?

~ Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 at 8:36 AM ~

I'm a Christian (baptised since 2005) and although I think there are spirits, I don't think we should be scared of them as our God is more powerful than anything. I do believe in heaven and hell and that after we passed away, it's either heaven or hell.

Chinese people have a belief that after someone passed away, within the first 49 days, they will dream of their loved ones (the one who passed away) and some even reported that by the 49th day, the spirit will come back home for the last time before they moved on.

When my dad passed away in April 2006, I dreamt of him in the first week after he passed away. He was resting on his bed in our old flat, he looked so at peace and he wore all white. So white that it was shining bright. And yet, I could see his legs all straight and in good condition. You see, my dad had gout for decades and because of that, his legs are crooked and his knuckles are swollen in certain places as well. But in my dream, he looked perfect and was in his prime age (around 40-ish). I was so happy to see him in that condition.

When my mum passed away in January 2007, my first dream of her was quite disturbing and I woke up crying for her. In that dream, my mum was sitting on the floor, hugging her knees together and just crying and rocking her body to and fro. I also saw her brothers and sisters (my uncles and aunts - all still alive now) in the dream but it was just my mum in the dream, moving and crying because the chair she sat on broke, her siblings ignored her and I woke up feeling sorry for her.

The next dream I had of her (still within the 49 days), she was sitting in this white colored luxurious car (sorry don't know brand, I only remember it was long and looks like a convertible which is a rare sight in Malaysia). So anyway, I was just staring at my mum in the car, and she was waving her right hand, smiling so happily as if she's going to a better place (which I chose to believe she is).

Now, why I'm mentioning this in my post today is because I was having a conversation with hubby and his sister few days back and I mentioned to them about my dream when their dad (aka my FIL) passed away in Dec 2003. I was still dating my hubby then and I stayed overnight at hubby's house the day his dad passed away to help out with the funeral arrangements the day after.

In my dream, hubby's dad told me something and I've so far only casually mentioned this once to one of his family members. But the recent case where I mentioned this to hubby and his sister, I learned that the same message I was told by his dad in my dream was what his dad said when he was dying. I only got to hubby's place a few hours after his dad passed away so I absolutely had no idea what his dad said before he passed away and to be honest, hubby only mentioned this few days ago.

I was shocked to hear that... as it is so eerily creepy to find out what I dreamed of is what he heard in reality.

So back to my topic today... dream after death... is it the truth or mind tricks? I chose to believe it's the truth...

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