Hang In There...

~ Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 10:36 AM ~

"Hang in there"

These are the words that pulled me through the day...

Yes, I cried and there are times I wished I could die...

It started out on Tuesday night around 11pm when I felt some pains on and off on my joint and muscles... impending flu coming and I also get nose blocked and runny nose as well.

The next day when I woke up, I was tired and decided no teaching kiddos for the day. I just need to rest and I let my kids watched TV (Toy Story, Doraemon movies) I made oats for my kids for breakfast and had some bread for myself.

Lunch time came and I fed my boy tuna with oat biscuits while my girl had the oat biscuits only (she doesn't like tuna) and then my boy vomited. All over the kitchen floor.

I'm trying hard to pull myself together while I wipe the floor as my boy stood crying at the mess.

Once clean, I brought them upstairs, rest on my bed with my kids and my boy vomited again on our bed. I did what I could, cupped the vomit with my 2 hands, but it just come and come and overflows and I couldn't get up on time and there's no way I could open the bathroom door (which is closed at all times) so I did what I could only think of,

I flung the vomit on the floor. Away from the bed.

Sigh... then I cleaned myself, my boy, put my girl in the playpen, mopped the floor and changed the bedsheet.

Googled around for what to give for upset tummy and after vomit incidents in kids and gave my kids some yogurt and rice crackers.

My boy napped after that folloewd by my girl. And I finally managed to get about half hour rest before my #$&^%&^ neighbor continued their drilling again (they are renovating their house)

My hubby got home around 6pm and he said we should bring our boy to see our family doctor. Then Ben told me he wants to vomit and I quickly brought him to our bathroom sink and he vomited again. We got ready and left our girl with my mother in law to feed her dinner.

After the clinic visit, we got back home, made a little bit oats with a bit sugar inside (for energy) Ben had some and told me he wants to burp...

and he vomited.

Total 4 times now for the day.

This time hubby cleaned, wiped and mopped the floor. I didn't put Ben's potty close enough to catch the vomit but then I didn't expect he will vomit when he says he wants to burp.


In the end, hubby said give Ben a lollipop and immediately Ben perks up and we can immediately see the change in him. A little more energy and back to his usual chirpy self.


And also, at one point Ben told me he doesn't have stomach ache anymore because God protects him.

Hang in there...

Thank you God for your protection over our family.

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Chua Hui Ling

Last time i also gave J yogurt or "yakult" for the stomach. but he was too serious have to take pro-biotic to protect his stomach. If is vomit still continue better go for thorough check-up.

take care mummy~~

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

So far, this is Ben's 2nd time of vomiting. His first was when he was 6mths old, stomach flu. Now up and chirpy running around already. But yeah, will still watch out for his signs of vomiting.. or burping -_-


Oh dear!  You must be very tired the whole day.  I can imagine all the cleaning work you need to do.  As your post says Hang In There!  I am sure God will protect both ur kids and look after them.  You don't worry,ya.  At the same time, you too take some rest.  It's not easy taking care of our kids when they are sick.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Kitty!
Thanks, I'm getting better already, yesterday see doctor together with my boy. Took a medicine feel drowsy and slept through. I see my boy vomit 4 times I wish I'm the one sick (oh wait, I am) but I wish I had it instead of him... poor thing...

MieVee @ MummysHomeschool.com

Hope you all are much better now! Kids bounce back real fast, just give him lotsa fluids to prevent dehydration. When Vee had gastroenteritis (stomach flu), we tried to offer him 100plus, soup and Ribena. The poor guy had diarrhoea up to 5 times while sleeping at night! Take good care!


Wah gave yogurt? First time I hear this. Hope you're all fine by now. Yes, hang in there ok? Poor thing. Now what you're going through. My paed last time told me no need to feed anything since the stomach kept rejecting food. water will do and feed every 10 mins of one tablespoon of water for 2 hours. after that if the condition is better than only u can start feeding him like plain bread or plain porridge.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi MieVee!
Yeah my boy is back to normal the very same night after a lollipop! So next time, must remember this! Tong

Hey Carolyn!
Yeah, I googled and read that we can give yogurt, so I gave la Tong My boy is OK already, just me still having some abdomen pains, like those muscle pains, like never workout for ages like that Tong

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