Ways to Deal with a Kid Who Likes to Pick His Nose...

~ Posted on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 7:03 AM ~

I've blogged before on why I should not force my toddler to take picture with me... This is the reason why...

And AGAIN why I never learned my lesson...because yes, we BOTH NEVER LEARNED... and CHANGED!!!

So I thought, if I can't change him, perhaps there are more subtle ways to mask this ermm... embarrassing display of 'affection' from my 3 year old toddler... I mean, he will still picks his nose no matter what... so, this is what I do... I get him to take picture with me again...

See, I told you, embarrassing habits are kinda hard to kick off... it's like:

Me: "Ben, come take picture with mummy!"

What Ben hears: *Hey Ben, come dig your nose and pose in front the camera! *

So, read on next step...

I just tell him to cover his nose and make sure nobody see him picking his nose. And wow, he immediately listens and does it! I will definitely (but slowly) get him to kick away this habit in time!

But until then, if you see my boy covering his nose, we all know what he is doing...

Wish us both luck!

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LOL. Maybe it's like 'peace sign' to him. So that explains why he did that. hehe.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Nah Carolyn, his peace sign is not like that hahahah


Hehehe! Does he pick his nose when he goes on cam or he picks his nose as in all the time? Effective ways  you got there Smile
Maybe you can give him time and a place where he will pick his nose like 3 minutes in a corner every morning. When you see him picking his nose, send him to his place again. Maybe he'll get tired of going there all the time to pick his nose and you know kids don't like being confined to a place for an amount of time.
It can be cute and funny but he might grow up with this habit. Haha! His classmates might even tease him and thats not good. Hope he learns to let it go. so you could have better photos Laughing
Good luck to you both.


in all my life "silently reading" you,i must say i have to comment on this entry! THIS IS SUPER FUNNY!!! Ben is soo cute! haha

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jona!
Hmm... so far, he mainly digs his nose when I asked him to pose with me in front the camera Tong Oh yes, agree with you must kick out this habit before he grows up thinking it's OK to do so!

Hi amo!
Oh wow, a silent reader! Thank you, makes my heart flushed to know there are silent readers reading my blog... Glad this post cheers your day! ;)

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