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The first time I look twice at semi trucks is after I watched Sylvester Stallone's "Over the Top" movie.

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In this 1987 drama and action film, Lincoln Hawk (Sylvester Stallone), a truck driver who is also a famed arm wrestler walked out on his wife and son years ago, and is asked by his wife now in the hospital to take his son Michael home to see her before her surgery. Initially, both father and son are like oil and water. Lincoln makes an honest attempt to bond with his son who eventually softens, until he gets home to learn that his mom died from complications and custody is being fought over by his rich grandfather, who hates Lincoln's guts. Lincoln decides to put all his money on the line in a Vegas arm wrestling showdown to start his life over again. At some point Michael realizes that Lincoln truly does love him and supported his father.

I feel sad watching the part where Lincoln had to sell off his truck at the place where commercial trucks are for sale in order to raise enough money to go to Vegas and bet on himself for the arm wrestling showdown. Such a sacrifice to give up his beloved truck which he used to earn his living so that he could have a chance to win and gain back his precious son.

It is such as inspiring and meaningful movie where a father struggles to make ends meet and to be able to start his life anew with his estranged son. The songs in this movie is also very uplifting, particularly the "Meet Me Halfway". The lyrics are just so meaningful and the song just hits your emotions!

Now every time I see a truck or hear this song, I'll be reminded of this movie.

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