I Love Wall Stickers!

~ Posted on Friday, February 17, 2012 at 11:00 AM ~

I love, love, love wall art, stickers especially! Unfortunately, most of the wall stickers sold in the market is mostly pretty looking but not functional. As a mummy of 2 children, I especially like to get wall stickers that not only can brighten up and beautify the room, I also look for those that can be used to teach my children, something like this Learn to Count Wall Stickers:

Bright Star Kids
Cute and you can count them too!

I also like to look for those that my children loves, for Ben at the moment, he loves tractors and roads and soldiers - oh well, pretty much all the boy stuff. Now see below, a height chart with cute looking tractors! I bet I'll have no problem getting Ben to stand still for me to record his height if I have this!

Ben loves tractors and trucks!

 So if I can only adorn our playroom with these kinds of wall stickers, I think Ben would go berserk and not leave the playroom! Hahaha!

Bright Star Kids
Vehicles with roads are his favorite too!

Like I mentioned earlier, I like something that is functional as well, and boy oh boy, there's even something called Chalkboard Wall Stickers! Awesome! I can totally see myself using it to scribble down my to-do list. I know my husband would be thrilled if we have this as I tend to forget things easily, even though I scribbled them on a paper it ends up being misplaced or accidentally thrown away!

Bright Star Kids
No more forgetful mummy!

Do you have wall stickers? What do you look for when you buy it?

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Miki Chua

i always look for something children related... animals, vehicle, alphabet and numbers. i don't look for decorative coz i have no place for them after i paste all the children sticker.. mauhahaha


it's a beautiful stickers you shared there Smile
for me, something similar to what you like too, but I was hoping for wall stickers that can be easily remove from time to time, as I like to refresh the wall from time to time. Like today, my little girl may fancy Minnie mouse, but in few months later, she might change her preference to Ben 10?

Have a good Friday with all at home! ;)

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!
For playroom I will look for something that Ben likes, and if possible something that I can use to teach him with also. Decorative wall stickers are best for own bedroom or living room Smile

Hey 24yomummy!
I wish I could have those wall stickers pictures I shared on my post! Lovely right? I'd especially want the chalkboard wall stickers!

Efira Nazri

My hubby doesnt like wall stickers but i love them so much! Im into flowers stickers.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Efira!
Actually some of these wall stickers can do wonders! I go crazy when I see really cute ones! Thanks for your comment! ;)


Came across your blog and I've spent hours going through some of the posts. Great and genuine I luv it! Fyi I'm not too sure saying this is straightforward but www.fancybugs.com seems to have everything you are looking for .


Btw i myself is a big fans of Fancybugs especially their chalkboard wall sticker with the owl graphic and I bought few flower stickers for my room decoration. ;)

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Elaine!
Thanks for the link! I checked the site out and oh boy, love the designs there too, particularly the whiteboard sticker which I'm very tempted to get! Let me think, think first! ;)


Yeah, I know, right? I used to love the Korean wall stickers but I never choose them after I tried fancybugs because their designs and color are more lively. And according to fancybugs sales (met them in Motherhood expo @ Mid Valley) their stickers are non toxic and environmental friendly so I guess it'd be better for our kids. When i bought the chalkboard sticker (this: www.fancybugs.com/.../professor-owl-chalkboard) from them they gave away 1 pack of chalk, can't remember the name but it was really thick and claimed to be non-toxic as well. can never find the chalk elsewhere sob sob Frown

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Elaine,
I think the price is OK, just that I would prefer it not to be too kiddy since I'm planning to put one at my work desk, but then it's good they have whiteboard sticker (though I was looking for chalkboard type) as I prefer to use marker pen instead of chalks if possible Smile
Hmm... let me see whether can request for review or not heheheh....

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