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~ Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 2:45 PM ~

It's been a while since I last posted on something related to food, anyway, this post is not even about food but heck, too cumbersome to create a new category and don't feel like it belongs to other parenting categories in my blog, anyway, just read on and enjoy the pictures...

A friend of ours gave us a set of ice cream/popsicle mould few weeks back and hubby tried it by pouring Ribena into it and freezing it for a day before letting Ben tried it. He loves it but it gets really messy and we had to tie a nappy cloth around Ben's neck before he eats the popsicle.

Then I saw this cute ice cream mould on one of the online store which I always frequented and ordered this set of ice cream mould which arrived 2 days later. Then I got down to doing what hubby did and freeze the Ribena for a day before letting Ben tries it.

Tada!!! Cute eh?

Passed it to Ben and he was wondering what was it...

Then he took out the holder and got busy investigating it...

His first taste...

What do you think? He loves it of course!

Btw, there are many more options to play around with popsicle... Milo, chocolate, milk, etc etc...

What other flavors have you tried or came across?

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I've been using the Ikea popsicle molds. I've tried watermelon juice and strawberry sweetened with honey, mango & banana. You can try using yogurt or whipped cream if you want the creamier version. Catheryn did a post before on her yogurt popsicle and I think it's great.
Love that last picture of Ben - so popsiclely happy!


Never try to make popsicle before..But I would love to try.

Thanks for your concern again. Hub and I already discuss and decided. As long as our baby is safe and healthy.BTW, 2 is enough for me.

Miki Chua

haha.. i tried it b4.. i made myself and eat myself.. hahaha


Those look yummy!! I have Popsicle molds,but haven't used them!  Might need to dig them out.


Kids love popsicles.  i always fancy orange, sarsi popsicles when I was small.  No mould that time, just simple ice cream sticks and plastic cup.  Havent made one for my kids before because I am sure it will be a mess. hahaha!


Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your little guys is too cute!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Germaine!
I tried looking at Ikea last time but cannot find! Frown Anyway, got mine from online Smile I saw Catheryn' post on her yogurt popsicle but I don't think I could try that now since I'm in 'prison' (confinement laaaa)

Hey Angeline!
Do try! It's fun! Laughing
Btw, no worries, as long as both you and hubby decided and confident with your decision. I pray you'll have a safe and smooth delivery ya! Smile

Hey Miki!
I wish I could eat too! But now gotta wait... few more days confinement ends! Yeayyyy!!! (As if I got pantang since already curi-curi lick few times hehehehe...)

Hey Aurie!
Look at Ben's face! It is yummy alright! Tong

Hey Rose!
Hmmm... soft drinks popsicle... might give it a try next time but definitely not for Ben hahahaha.. no soft drinks for him!

Hi Cristin!
Thanks for your compliments and thank you for dropping by my blog! Smile

Hey Kayla!
Thanks for your compliments!


Hey! That's cute! My kids would love it. Unfortunately, gua tarak mould lar. Have to go get it. Do you mind telling me what website is that? Wah, Germaine is really a creative and good mum huh? Tried so many types of flavour for her kids.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn!
Send you email with the online store address (she only has FB page now)

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