What Are Your Maternity Clothes Styles?

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 12:18 AM ~

Being pregnant doesn't mean the end of the world for our wardrobe selections or that you are going to end up wearing huge size clothing throughout your pregnancy!

Personally, I feel that being pregnant should not be a hindrance to us in being a stylish and yet looking comfortable as a preggy mum! And I also believe that we should be proud of our growing belly instead of hiding it under baggy or big sized clothes.

Of course, the wardrobe choices will be much lesser compared to pre-pregnancy time but I'm always the type of person who goes for blouses and pants that can 'grow' with my growing body size hehehe...

I'm close to 8 months pregnant now and my maternity clothes are still pretty OK so far... As for my maternity clothes styles, I will try to mix and match blouses or comfortable T-shirts with my maternity pants. I do have a couple of hand-me-downs maternity dresses from my sisters-in law but most of these dresses couldn't fit me anymore. So, I still prefer the good ol' mix and match styles of mine.

Though of course, I do wish that my maternity clothes styles could be more like this:

* Image from http://www.very.co.uk/south-maternity-grow-grain-bow-detail-blouse/765192983.prd

Or something casual and yet still chic looking like this:

* Image from http://www.very.co.uk/maternity-v-neck-knitted-jumper/875696426.prd

So what are your maternity clothes styles?

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uncle Lee

Hi, a woman when expecting is at her most beautiful.....and those outfits will enhance her warm beauty further. You expecting?
Anyway, you got good taste in clothing.
Have fun and keep a song in your heart.


I didn't have a special collection on maternity clothing. I fit into my existing clothes pretty much until my final month. I love clothes that are tight at the bust and flare to the bottom. So, I don't really need maternity clothes except for the pants.

Well, I wish I could be a lil' more stylo la...


hey, of course still can look stylish while pregnant. it's quite fun to go shopping for maternity clothes and discover them. My maternity clothes style is something like the pictures you posted. Basically the top and pants type.Smile


I was pregant three times and all three times my style was a little diffrent. But I always appreciated when I could find comfortable, stylish clothing in natural fabrics, not always easy not matter what you spend!!! The looks above are really cute and almost make me wish I was pregant again!! (almost!! Lol!) Thanks for making me remember those very sweet days!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Uncle Lee!
Yes, currently 8 months along now! Smile

Hi Tracy!
For me, by around 4-5th months of pregnancy gotta dig out the pregnancy clothes already...

Hi Carolyn!
I've seen some very nice maternity clothings around but they are very very expensive! Frown

Hi Kathy!
Oh wow, different styles for each pregnancy?! Thanks for sharing your experience! Smile

Mrs. T

My maternity clothes still is whatever the heck I can get to fit and not make me look like a tent or too fat!!


ok.. I jujur yek......

since 2004 punya baju meternity until 2011 masih sama.... so, klau I ambik gmbr, my old frenz akan cakap

"x ada beza pun u pregnant dr dulu sampai sekarang.. mcm pakai gambar lama" hahahaha

I jarang beli baju baru.. cuma beli baju yg boleh pakai before & after pregnant jer...hehehe sbb nak jimat.. janjji selesa!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Mrs. T!
Thanks for your feedback! Smile

Hey Sumijelly!
Betul cakap u, asalkan selesa! Smile

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