Blueberry Muffins

~ Posted on Monday, September 13, 2010 at 12:53 PM ~

This is my 1st attempt of making: BLUEBERRY MUFFIN. I baked this on Saturday 11th Sept. Sorry totally forgot to take the pictures of the process (again!)...


* Less than 5 minutes to mix & fold batter

* 7 minutes to pre-heat the oven

* 22 minutes for baking process

Ingredients / Tool Required:

* Blueberry Muffin Mix (250g)

* 1 egg (at room temperature)

* 68ml oil

* 50ml water (at room temperature)

* Measuring spoons

* A big containter to mix ingredients in

* A flexible spatula for mixing and folding

* Cupcake casings-depending the casing size, I used 7 pieces this round

* Kitchen scale

* A small spoon to spoon mixture into cupcake casings

* Baking aluminium foil the size of wire rack

What to Do?

* Place all ingredients into a big container, making a well with the dry ingredients at the outer side while the oil, water and egg are in the well.

* Mix and fold using the flexible spatula.

* Continue mixing and folding until all ingredients are combined.

* Using the small spoon, spoon the mixture to each cupcake casing until about 3/4 full.

* Place each cupcake casings on top of wire rack which has been lined with baking foil.


*Pre-heat oven at 180℃ (about 7 minutes since I reduced the temperature this time by 5)

* Place wire rack tray into oven.

* Set oven to 180℃ and bake for 22 minutes (extra 2 minutes just to be safe)

I was so freaking excited when I see the nice top!

See who else is anxiously waiting for the muffins!




* Test subject 1 (aka me): "Ooo I love it! This time is sooooooo much better! Love the top, the moist is perfect! I'm so happy I want to name each of the blueberry muffins!!!"

* Test subject 2 (aka Ben): "Ammm Ammm Mammm... "(Ben's signals for us that he wants to eat it NOW!)

(Going, going, gone!!! Ben whacked almost 1 muffin by himself!)

* Test subject 3 (aka hubby): "Perfect! Save me the last one!"

* Test subject 4 (aka MIL): "Wah! This time is very nice. See, must practise more then can make better taste!"


* Increased pre-heat time from usual 5 minutes to 7 minutes

* Reduced pre-heat temperature from usual 190℃ to 180℃

* Reduced baking time from 25 to 22 minutes (at 20th minute, I use chopstik to poke one of the muffins to check doneness then decided 2 more minutes extra to be safe)

* Maintained baking temperature at 180℃ since my previous baking attempt created nice muffin peaks

So there you go.... my 1st BLUEBERRY MUFFINS attempt!

Overall, I'm very happy with this attempt - the way they turned out, nice rounded peak and the perfect moist, the crust top is just nice, not too hard and not too soft.

Oh well, I love it so much in this attempt that I am going to name all the muffins:

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Good Morning Smile this post is actually pretty mean... I haven't had breakfast yet and the next thing I see are these perfect muffins... Saying Ammmm Ammmm Mammmm won't exactly help me, right? Laughing

I'm a full-time mummy

Morning Vivienne!

It's 2.30pm here in Malaysia already! Hope you enjoyed this post! Laughing

Lisa~Korean American Mommy

Great job mama! I love this recipe. They turned out perfect and your lil man looks like he enjoyed himself.


you forgot to add in the accidentally discovered tip of microwaving it for 1 minute before eating will make it super duper moist and X 10 delicious!!!


I am drooling already. I love to eat but don't really like to bake. Hope you have a great week ahead.

Cindy @ This Adventure, Our Life

Great Job!  They look yummy!  I love your Test responses!  Especially your MIL's response!!


Hi Jenny,

your muffins are getting better. keep it up! You wont be needing pre-mixes after some time, using fresh ingredients minus the extra additives =]  


I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lisa!
Thanks! Yeah, Ben loves the blueberry muffins the most for now!

Hello theHubby!
Oh yeah hor... forgot to mention thim... Tong

Hey Aries!
I love to eat too hahahah... but am excited with this baking adventure! Wishing you a great weekend ahead! Smile

Hello Cindy!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this post! Smile

Hi Bakertan!
Yeah, I can't wait to stop using premixes... felt like a cheat Frown Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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