Colors of the Sky...

~ Posted on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 9:02 AM ~

I love watching our colorful sky...

I love it when it is going to rain.

I love it when the sky turns dark and I absolutely loved it when I smell the rain...

The photos below are taken from our balcony before a heavy rainfall at our housing area:

This was on another occassion...

These few pictures below are taken as the sun begins to set - also taken from our balcony.

I just love the purplish pinkish hue of the sky...

These few below are taken at the park where we always go for our family walking exercises...

The sun is also starting to set and you can actually see the moon at the top right corner at the picture below:

Don't you just love God's amazing creations?!

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Melissa @ Completely Eclipsed

I love the way the sky looks right before it's about to rain, when it's all dark and angry.  

Nensa Moon

Hi Jenny,
Great shot!!
but I prefer the purple pinklish one than others...
Yeah... Only God The Almighty can create such beautifyl piece.
Thanks for sharing those pics.


I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for dropping by! Glad you like the dark sky too! Smile

Hey Nensa Moon!
Thanks, glad you enjoyed the shots!

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