Getting to Know Me!

~ Posted on Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 2:24 PM ~

This is my 1st GTKY post ever since I moved out of Blogger to my own self-hosted website. So, here goes this week's questions for you guys to know me a little bit more...

1. What is YOUR definition of sexy?

I'd have to say confidence.

2. Would you rather clean up puke or change a poopy diaper?
Done both. Not really grossed out with either.

Though one time I actually felt a bit grossed out cleaning up a puke... from my 1st niece. I'm not sure why I did the cleaning instead of her parents who just sat there looking at me cleaning and scrubbing the floor, but it was at my house and we're actually doing a birthday party for Ben, so I figured I gotta clean up the mess before the other kids get grossed out more! I think I'm grossed out at the fact that I'm cleaning puke when the parents should be the one doing it?

As for poop, when Ben started taking solids at 6 months old, I actually started a solid journal log, noting down what he ate everyday, whether he pooped that day, and whenever I can, I even took pictures of his poop. Somehow I felt that its good to do so, in case he felt sick and I need to show to the paed what he has been eating and what he has been pooping out. Still kept that journal. I'm OK with his puke, poop whatever... and I'm glad I have a good sense of humor when he got me into shitty situations like this:

(*Picture of Ben at 3 months old jet-spraying his poop on my lap)

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Definitely an introvert. Real shy upfront.. but I guess when you get to know me more, I'll open up and be extrovert.

4. If you had to give up one of your 5 senses for a year..which one would you give up?
Ermm.. how about hearing? At least people can still write and I can still read and reply back, right?

5. Cake or Pie?
Definitely cake!

6. If you could play any character on TV (old or current) who would you play?
Nothing I could think of for now. Have not been watching much TV anyway...

7. My favorite website is.....?
Erm... will it be too vain to say it would have to be my own website? Oh come on, I put in so much hardwork into getting my own domain, designing everything from scratch so I think it should be my favorite website!! Hehehe...

8. The highlight of my day is....?
When Ben takes his daytime naps or when he goes to sleep after 10m+. That's when I can get down to my own blogging and catching up on my friends' and relatives' updates in Facebook and stuff.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

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I love your No.7 GTKY Smile  Yes, your website deserves to be your favourite as it is the fruit of your hardwork.

Again, bravo!!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hahaha Catheryn! Thanks thanks! Smile


I didn't think I would ever say this but..I would rather clean up poop than puke! Great meme. And I don't blame you for saying that your fave website is your own Smile I grabbed your button!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lucy!
Thanks for grabbing my blog button! Hope to see you back here sometime!


Hi, just blog hopping, will be back for more sometime next week


hehehe...Jenny..sempat u snap gmbr Ben tgh poooo kat u tu...hehehe
x suka kalu anak poo time keluar rumah.sbb susah nak bersihkan..hahaha

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Suhaila!
Tu la, dalam masa kritikal mcm tu sempat lagi I bergambar yek? But it's memories yang kita takleh cari balik so at all times camera mesti ready! Hahahah! Btw, thanks for following ya! Smile

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