Family Outing in the Park...

~ Posted on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 3:30 PM ~

Few days ago, we started having our evening strolls at one of the playground cum park cum football field near our house, well, about 5 minutes walk from our house but we decided to drive there and then walk around the park since we're bringing the small market trolley to carry Ben around hehehe...

Picture below of Ben in the market trolley which MIL normally used when she does her marketing once in a while. It's clean, don't worry... and the 'wet' spot at the bottom in between Ben's legs are not his piss stains... hubby actually poured some of the organic lemon grass or some herbs concoction to prevent mosquito bites. In our place, there are a lot of mosquitoes when it's past 6pm+ so we came prepared even though we started our strolls at 5pm+.

Hubby left me with Ben and started his walking exercise, only to be stopped by a bunch of fallen tree brances and stuff, blocking the pathway. Picture below taken from afar where hubby along with an older man clearing up the fallen branches. There are a few other people standing near them but just looking and not helping Frown

Once the pathway was cleared, hubby and the old man continued their walk and they actually striked up conversations and throughout their walking exercise, they both were just walking alongside each other chatting non-stop!

So, since my hubby abandoned us, I pushed Ben in the trolley to the nicest looking seesaw and propped him on it. And then I just pushed the seesaw up and down, letting Ben have a feel of the seesaw.

Then I went to the nearby swing, sat on it and put Ben on my lap and started swinging... Ben seems to enjoy it cos he just sits quietly and looked at the view around. It's kinda painful for me cos the swing seat was a bit too small for me but it's better than nothing...

And this is the view right in front of us... who can resist it??!! So, I stop the swing and walked with Ben slowly to the playground. That's like 15 feet from the swing.

Ben immediately climbed onto the platform and started flipping the Tic-tac-toe game...

And the opposite of the Tic-tac-toe game was this blue capsule window which Ben immediately slammed his hands over it... guessed he was intrigued with the blue color window and the fact that I looked blue over the other side hahaha...

Then I noticed this guy walking out of the park... he actually carried his cat and was previously walking his cat in the park! Cool! First time I see someone walking their cat instead of a dog!

After a while, I was tired (have to watch Ben like a hawk cos he was really active, moving and running around)  so, I took him to the badminton court at the side of the park and let Ben drinks and rest while I tried to flag hubby to stop and go home.

The sky was getting dark (almost 7pm) so we decided to head home. All in all, it was a nice family outing in the park for us... a first to many many more to come! Cool

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Sounds like a great family outing!  Your son is too cute!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Kel!

Thanks for your compliments! It was a great outing! The 2nd time we went again, and I actually walked a few rounds at the park! Quite a feat for someone who has long stopped exercising hahaha...


ohmysoul, i'm cracking up at that guy walking his cat =) too funny!  we have mosquitos really bad here too, what do you use for them?  i've tried an herbal repellant but it didn't work well, these mosquitos are monsters!  Ben is getting so big, if I remember right he and mine are the same age...20 months ha.  It's a fun fun time that's for sure =)


Ben is such a cutie!

I heard that lemongrass is a great mosquito repellent. I would definitely use lemongrass spray over other chemical spray out there. I wish the weather is warm for me take my girls to the park. It's quite cold here.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Rita!
Yeah! I just had to snap the picture of that guy walking his cat but the time I got my camera ready, he was carrying it and leaving the park! But still, what a memory! Tong

Hubby got this lemongrass liquid in a bottle and used it everywhere we go now, maybe one day I'll get down to blogging about it hahah...

Oh, Ben is going to be 16 months old this Sunday Smile

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi RoseBelle!

Thanks for the compliments on Ben! Smile
So far we've only managed to go to the park twice in total. Hope we could do more - it was a great and fun way to spend a nice evening! Laughing

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