Walloping the King of all Fruits!

~ Posted on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 8:04 PM ~

Yeap... we just had durians (pronounced as "do-ree-aunt") yesterday!! It was yummylicious! A close friend of ours came over in the afternoon and spent the evening at our house, their daughter is about 2 months+ older than Ben so they were having a blast playing in Ben's playroom. Then we went out for dinner and stopped over to buy back some durians to eat at home.

This is the durian stall we went to... They even have their own website! Coolness! Cool

Oh yeah, before I forget, noticed that new watermark on the picture above? What do you think of it? Also a creation of moi.. hahaha... I wanted it to look like it has been stamped the way they do when they sent mails and stuff but I guess this will do...

So anyway before I distract myself further from the topic of durians, we ordered 2 types of durians... We got one of the staff there to choose the best ones and he went ahead and cut open the durians with his big knife...

And then he showed us the contents:

Look at the glorious yellowing fleshy durians in there! The staff then asked us to take one and tried just to be sure it's the best, so hubby wasted no time and proceeded to dunk in his hand and grabbed one and tried. Look at the picture below... look at Ben's pitiful face... OK, maybe he doesn't look pitiful but he was gazing intently at the durian (by which all that was left in daddy's hand was the seed)

The rest of the durians were swiftly cut open and packed into a container for us to bring back home to eat. Sorry for the picture color, it was taken under yellow warm light, and definitely doesn't do the justice of those glorious and yummylicious durians... Kiss Ben loves eating it though we don't give him a lot, just tiny bits for him to try the new taste Wink

So anyway, you can read more about durians from Wikipedia at this link. How about you? Have you tried durians before?

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Polly (aka 5th Sister)

I only know about Durian fruit from the food shows I've seen on TV. I can only say that all I've seen were many turned up noses from the apparent odor and gags from the taste. Is it something you become accustomed to, an acquired taste? Or is it cultural? Tell me more!

Oh, and I like the "stamp"!

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Polly!

Welcome to my humble blog! Yeah, I guess many ppl got turned off by its odor, although it smells heavenly to us Malaysians Tong And you were right, it is an acquired taste, if you can somehow stomach the smell (probably you've gotta clip your nose shut or something) and tried one, I think you'll love it! Laughing

And I'm so happy to read that you like my watermark stamp! Laughing


oh, how i miss durian! here in the philippines, durians abound in mindanao, the southern island of the country. when i used to work for an insurance company, our agents from that region would hand-carry the flesh of this glorious fruit. and we would eat it at the basement of our office.

sadly, i cant have durian. hubby says he'll leave me if i bring some home Frown

I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Cheri!

I'm not much of a durian fan but lately has started to like it Tong
You could still sneakily eat outside right? Laughing


I watched a show over the weekend about cuisines in Malaysia. The food guide talked about durians first. I never knew there were so many varieties! Next, the guide showed all these mouth-watering desserts made from fresh durians. I was glued to the TV screen. I told my hubby we must visit Malaysia! Must! We only have frozen durians here in my city - in the U.S., and they're not that great tasting.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi RoseBelle!
Welcome back! Smile Yes, you must visit Malaysia! But there are certain months when the durians will be in season, although the stall we frequented seems to be open all year round! Tong


Durians!!! My whole family, in-laws nieces and nephews loves it except for my youngest son and one of my niece. Every year we will at least have 1 Durian party, we would buy in bulk, all (more than 20 of us) share out and eat like there's no tomorrow.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aries!
Wow! A durian party huh? That sounds like a very cool family event to have! Smile

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