Things I Needed for My Labor Bag...

~ Posted on Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7:55 AM ~

Sharing pictures taken of my labor bag as I realised I have never actually had a proper checklist to keep track or remind myself what to bring when I am due to give birth! I packed this when I was at my 36 weeks pregnancy.

Stuff for myself:

* A pack of disposable panties (the hospital I am going to give birth at only provide the 1st maternity pad which is those string type where they tie at the sides, but other than that no free panties or maternity pad for you)

* A nursing bra

* A T-shirt and a long pants for myself when I checked out from the hospital (will be wearing hospital gown during my stay after labor so no need to bring any extra own clothes until I leave hospital)

* A pack of maternity pads

* Some light snacks (though I can get hubby to bring more from home if I needed to)

* Books to pass time (hopefully can read when baby is asleep)

(Not in picture yet: My mobile phone and charger, hospital health booklet, my identity card)


Stuff for newborn baby:

* A pack of newborn diapers (we don't need to bring the whole pack but I'm lazy to open it up and bring some so just going to lug the whole pack over to hospital since the hospital will not be providing any to us also)

* 3 pairs of baby clothes (short/long sleeve and pants)

* 2 packs of baby wipes

* Talcum powder (just in case need to use)

* Towel (though we can get from hospital as well)

* Few hankerchiefs

* Baby blanket and some comfu swaddles

In case you are wondering what about baby formula powder, bottles and pacifier, well, we never have it for our previous 2 kiddos. Our birth hospital is pro-breastfeeding and they ban any form of baby formula powder, bottles and pacifier so that's the reason we don't need to pack these items in my labor bag.

Let me know if there is anything I should bring along! Thanks!

Third Pregnancy at month 9...

~ Posted on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 7:17 AM ~

This post is to journal down the 9th month of my third pregnancy now! From 33 weeks onwards, we are going for bi-weekly check ups with our gynae. Anyway here goes the update:


Sweet sugary stuff still lures me every now and then which I do indulges after resisting long enough.


Image taken from Google search

My weight at this month (week 35 now) is 55.5kg, that makes it an increase of 10.5kg since I got pregnant, okay, so far so good, weight is gaining normally!


Gynae said based on my previous 2 labors at 39 weeks, our 3rd child will most likely be the same, to be born around 39 weeks as well. Baby weight based on ultrasound scan is 2kg at 35 weeks preggy now, slightly low compared to my previous 2 kiddos. Gynae expected 3rd baby weight to be around 2.4 - 2.6kg when born. He said anything above 2kg he's happy already as according to the hospital guidelines, if baby born is below 2kg, baby will need to be admitted to NICU for monitoring. I'm praying baby to gain weight a little bit more! I still have about 4 weeks to do so!


Yes, like what I did with Benjamin when I was pregnant with Alyson, I nursed him throughout the pregnancy. This round? Same. Nipples tend to get sore nowadays with Alyson continuing to suckle for comfort.


Baby movement very very active especially past midnight. Gynae advised to start monitoring for fetal kick count.

So there you go, updates as at 9 months pregnancy... Overall, I am very thankful as all readings are normal and progressing well. I do get worry now and then when I think of the coming labor, even though this will be my 3rd experience, well, every labor is different you know!

Have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

Travelling with a Rented Car?

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 7:35 AM ~

We went for a short family trip over the weekend recently and travelled up north in a rented car! Why renting a car when we have our own car?

Reason 1: We are bringing MIL along this time and with 3 adults (and me being 8 months preggy now) and 2 kiddos in a car, it is better to travel in a comfortable and spacious car this time. Of course, we can use our current Sedan car but it will be crampy and tiring (less leg space) and travelling 4-5 hours straight is no fun.

Reason 2: We are looking into buying a family car (MPV) sometime next year with our coming 3rd child so we thought this is the best time to rent an MPV to travel up north and try out the MPV we are planning to buy too!

So after googling around for days, I managed to find an affordable car rental company, Mesra Car Tour & Travels, one that specialises in MPV as well! Woohoo! Thank you God for pointing us to the right direction! I immediately wrote an email inquiring the rental price for an MPV for the dates we are travelling and promptly received a reply from their staff.

The rates offered are good and insurance are covered, I love it! I also like that the rental rates of the vehicle is on a 24 hour basis. Meaning if we collected the car at 9am today and returned it at 9am the next day, it is considered a full day rental rate. Other than this factor, I also like that the delivery charges (for the car to be send to our house and collected from our house) is very low compared to others.

With these plus points on hand, we went ahead and booked an MPV for our trip. The car was delivered right in front our house at 9am sharp on the day we are due to leave for our trip up north. Very punctual and the staff politely explained and guided us the interiors and functionality of the MPV.

Personally, I like this MPV as it is spacious and at first I sat with our 4.5 years old at the last row, leaving our 2 years old girl in her car seat at the middle row with my MIL while hubby enjoyed his solo front driving. I like that we can control the aircond setting for all 3 rows in the MPV and we can put in all our luggages, snacks and swimming stuff at the back boot. Nice!

A few hours into our journey, I received an SMS from the car rental company staff reminding us to adhere to the speed limit and even provided the exact GPS location of our car and the speed we were driving at! Whoaaaa... creepily awesome! I quickly informed hubby to slow down his driving and not to exceed any speed limit! Kudos to the car rental company for being professional and disciplined as well!

We were supposed to return the car by 9pm but we were caught up in a terrible traffic jam halfway (a 4 hours ride turned into a 6 hours ride!!) and I quickly SMSed the staff from the car rental company to ask him how much is it to extend the rental as we most likely will not make it home by 9pm to return the car. Surprisingly, the staff is sooo understanding and replied telling us no need to worry, to take our time.

At 10.30pm, we were still about half an hour journey to our home when the staff called me up and said he will come to collect the car from us tomorrow morning since it is late already. Thank God and I am so happy to say that we did not get charged for returning the car late. Kudos to Mesra Car Tour & Travels! Excellent service! Needless to say, we really do enjoyed our holiday and the journey with our rented car. Wonderful experience!