Sorry, I Haven't A Clue...

~ Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 8:58 AM ~

In my 2 years of parenting life now, I have been privileged to be able to share my experiences and gave my advice to people across the world, the Internet and so on... Friends made on mom blogs, forums, personal blogs, even on Facebook. Topics ranging from pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding (mostly), baby care and so on...

And yet, there are some questions I've heard which I have to, (even today!) say "Sorry, I Haven't A Clue" to that...

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So, the following are some of the questions that left me speechless and helpless (for not able to answer them!)...

#1: Any questions with regards to FORMULA MILK

Example: Which type/brand of formula milk is good? Or what formula brand is your boy taking?

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Ummmm... sorry, I haven't a clue to that... I'm still breastfeeding my boy at 2 years old now and yes, since we brought our baby boy back to our house from the hospital, we have never needed to buy any formula milk at all. No kidding.

And yes, if you asked me how much I think we save on not needing to purchase any formula milk, I haven't a clue to that too as I have no idea how much a tin of those costs, what are the good brands and how much/frequent usage of the formula is as I breastfeed on demand and never knew how much I fed my boy. So, again, sorry, I haven't a clue to this...

#2: Any questions with regards to WEANING my child in order to try TO CONCEIVE for our next child

Example: How do you wean your child? How early you have to wean your child in order to try for the next one?

Uhhhhhh.. like I said in the earlier question, I am still breastfeeding my 2 year old boy and yes, I am almost 4 months pregnant as of today and I really can't answer this question. Friends and relatives tell me it's not possible to get pregnant while you are still breastfeeding and yet, I prove them wrong. People said we have to wean off our child in order to try to conceive our next child and yet, I am pregnant and STILL breastfeeding now.

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#3: Any questions with regards to BREAST PUMP

Example: Which type/brand of breast pump is good?

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Since I gave birth to Ben 2 years ago, I only used one battery operated breast pump (Medela brand, picture shown above) which was a hand me down from my 2nd SIL who got it from my 1st SIL. And I used that pump about 3 weeks (was serving my one month notice as I tendered my resignation a day after I returned to work from my maternity leave). I ended up learning to express my breastmilk using my bare hands. Armed with tutorials and guides from the Internet, I learned as much as I could on the techniques to hand express and I finally mastered it after a few attempts and was so glad and satisfied at my accomplishment!

After quitting my job, I direct feed Ben from then on and  resumed the hand express method when it was time for Ben to start solids at 6 months old. I hand expressed some breastmilk for storing after each direct feed so that I could mix the breastmilk with his solids during the initial couple of months of starting on solids.

So, yeah, if you asked me to recommend you a particular type/brand of breast pump, I'll most likely tell you to learn to do it the natural way, which is to hand express.

#4: Any questions with regards to transitioning my child to SLEEPING ON HIS OWN BED

Example: What techniques you used to get your boy to sleep on his own bed?

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Since Ben came into our life 2 years ago, he has been sleeping with us on our bed. Granted, there are times when hubby ended up sleeping on the spare bed next to our King sized bed (selfishly hogged by Ben and myself hehehehe...), but still, co-sleeping with us since day 1. So I have no idea on the ideas/techniques to transition my boy to sleeping on his own bed. We do have a playroom for Ben with a spare bed for him (intended to be Ben's room when he is older) but as of now, we are taking it easy and slow and just let things run its course. I remembered I still co-sleep with my parents up until I was 7 years old.

That's about the questions I can think of which I have yet to be able to answer as of today...

What about you? What are the questions you get that you have no clue on how to answer it?

Watch Out! I've Got Pregnancy Brain!

~ Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 4:42 PM ~

Just want to write this down that I've been having what you call pregnancy brain... also known as forgetfullness or memory problems during pregnancy...

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According to this excerpt from Babycenter article:

"Many pregnant women say their short-term memory isn't up to par during pregnancy, particularly during their first and third trimesters."

I've already excused myself from the job of family event planner. Prior to this I'm mostly the person to contact the restaurants to book rooms and tables for family gatherings and then liaise and contact all the family members and invite and remind them to attend the functions. Can't cope with the stress and tiring tasks of liaising with each and everyone in this, so it's better to not take up this task anymore...

Then, I've also been telling my MIL not to entrust me with anything during my pregnancy especially with the tasks of remembering something for her, which she likes to get me to do. Prior to getting pregnant, I have very good memory and could remind her and other people of things to be done, but now, 3 months along, I'm really having trouble remembering things.

So far, I've been having problems remembering where I put (or did I even keep it?!!) hubby's car keys (whenever we're out, I normally hold and keep the keys for him in my diaper bag) and occassionally a couple of times forgetting to replenish Ben's water bottle prior to going out, resulting in us having to buy water outside...

Sigh... I have got quite a few more months to endure this pregnancy brain phase... bear with me please...

Pregnancy Then & Now...

~ Posted on Friday, February 18, 2011 at 11:06 PM ~

The table below is to recap and note down what are the differences between my pregnancy then and now...

Pregnancy in June 2008 - March 2009
Pregnancy in Nov 2010 - Now...
Working in IT line, constantly in meetings with users & vendors for the new IT system, apart from being in-charge of changing company's website & the legacy IT system
No longer working in IT line, a full-time mummy now catering to the whims & fancies of a 23 months old toddler who is ever so active and playful and cheeky.
What's good then?
* A more fixed eating time, breakfast, lunch & tea time snacks are pretty fixed
* The availability of squatting toilets in the office allows me to practise my squats (which I read in some pregnancy article saying it helps with your contractions)
What's good now?
* Hopefully able to maintain regular eating times (as my schedule  is pretty much determined by Ben)
* No squat toilets in the house so have to make do with squatting as much as possible while playing with Ben, at the same time, ensure safety to ownself as well (as in not to be overly crazy while playing with Ben)
Gone through 3 gynaes:
#1: Female gynae in a private hospital who we think is not capable & caring enough for her patients
#2: Male gynae in a private hospital (but has his own clinic) & who we think is capable & caring but  the charges are pretty steep
#3: Male gynae in a semi private hospital & who we think is capable, caring, soft-spoken & the charges are very low!
We wanted to go back to our gynae #3 but turns out he got promoted to be the dept head for O&G in Miri, Sarawak. So he's no longer in the semi private hospital anymore.

We are keeping our options open for other doctors in the same hospital though our current gynae check-ups are done at a private hospital.
Complications during 1st trimester:
Do not experience any morning sickness at all

Complications during 2nd trimester:
Weight not going up, got scolded by 2nd gynae to top up food intake. Guzzled full cream milk on daily basis on top of going crazy with McDonalds' and Wendys few times a week.

Complications during 3rd trimester:
Blood pressure touching borderline. Ordered by 3rd gynae to go for alternate days for check ups on blood pressure. On my last gynae visit, was told I had low amniotic fluid and advised to go for induced or to be C-sect in a week's time. Thank God contractions started on the same day & I ended up having natural delivery.
Complications during 1st trimester:
The first 2 weeks, food looks good but when I eat it, it felt like a lump and very difficult to swallow and eat on. Had not been having any appetite when I see fried food.

2 months + now, no problems with any food, nothing that makes me giddy or nausea or anything though I've been regularly eating chicken rice with roasted pork slice.

Have no idea what to expect in terms of breastfeeding
Breastfeeding? Bah... been there, done that... heck, still doing it!
Have no idea what to expect during labor. In fact, totally forgot all about my breathing exercise!
Images and memories of 1st labor flashed back the moment home pregnancy tested positive...
Contraction from 1cm to 10cm in 4.5 hours.
People said that subsequent labor will be faster than the one before... so I really hope this round we can make it to the hospital in time!
Natural delivery using Enthonox
Hopefully natural delivery again!
Worries about Labor, breastfeeding, babycare
Worries about Labor, breastfeeding during pregnancy, baby care as Ben is around this time...

And just a couple more things to note that I will not be able to do in a few months time:

* Lie down on my front
* Be able to look at my feet (thanks to my hubby who kept telling me to enjoy looking at my feet now!)
* Wear my favorite short pants (no wait... I already can't wear it now!)
* Get up from bed as easily as I can now...

And the things I'm so NOT looking forward to in a few months time:

* Heavy belly
* Cramps on my feet
* Difficulty in breathing as the belly gets bigger
* Heartburn
* Itchiness around belly and/or thighs as belly gets bigger (skins stretching you see...)
* Stretch marks
* Swollen feet
* Clumsiness and being forgetful

Please wish me luck and I really need all the support I can get in making my breastfeeding during pregnancy works! And of course, most important is I have a smooth and safe pregnancy and delivery!

Thank you for reading, have a good weekend and God bless you!