Standing Still...

~ Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 9:31 AM ~

We were out at a mall last Friday (24th Sept 2010) and let Ben sat in the kiddy ride-on car again. As usual, the ride costs us RM3 (less than USD1) for a 5 minutes ride and daddy maneuvered the ride-on car with the remote control while Ben happily steers and gaze around (and mummy tagging along to snap these pictures).

After a while, I noticed something unusual and began snapping away in a frenzy.

I felt like a paparazzi trying to snap a glimpse of a superstar or something!

You know why?

Take a look at the picture below...

Noticed Ben's hair all standing still? Hahahahah....

The movement from the ride-on car must have transferred the static over to Ben causing his hair to stand still which kinda look really funny and cute!

I ain't going to touch him and get myself electrocuted!

So what else am I supposed to do?!

Snap, snap, snap and enjoy the cute sight!

(Oh, and let daddy be the 1st to hold Ben hehehehe...)

To John Mayer...

~ Posted on Monday, September 27, 2010 at 10:40 AM ~


My name is Benjamin. At 18.5 months old, I might be one of your youngest fan - for now.

Btw, I love guitars!

When my daddy went to buy his own accoustic guitar, mummy and I tagged along and I was so amazed at the many selections of guitars there.

Yes, I might be in my jammies, but it's the passion and talents that matters right?

Every morning after I wake up, I'll bug the daylights out of my mummy to play your song, "Say" then I'll grab my guitar and pose like you.

And sometimes I hum and sway along to your song.

Sometimes I pretend as if I'm singing in front of a big crowd in one of your awesome concerts and I'd be generously granting encore requests from my imaginary fans.

You guys over that side!
You want one more round?!

Sometimes I just sit around and strike my macho pose like how you do it.

I know I'm still a toddler and my interests changes really fast.

So while you are still at the top of my favorite stuff, I just want to dedicate this post to you.

Thank you for your awesome music!

Love you (for now),


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 10:02 AM ~

Just want to share some pictures taken during our recent family outing to a shopping mall where we saw tons of lantern decorations in view of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival on today's date. FYI, these decorations were displayed all around the mall for a contest held (the theme this year is underwater) and the rule is the lanterns and decorations must be made from recycled products. I think it is a good idea!

Mid-Autumn Festival

Fish Lantern

Closer look shows that the 'fish' are actually made from recycled plastic bottles.

Here's another one which impressed us quite a bit... Look at the 'scales' of the 'fish'!

It's made of those aluminium cans' tabs.

Fish Lantern

We liked this one, it's made of rubber foam. Looks real huh?

Turtle Lantern

And here's Nemo and his dad!

Nemo and his dad

And here's a shot of Ben checking out the lanterns deco with daddy.

To those celebrating this festival,

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!