Comparing Playgrounds...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 12:40 AM ~

Earlier today, Ben and I followed hubby to his client's house about 30 minutes away from ours (by car). I went there with Ben to check out the new playground near his client's house. Hubby who went there few days earlier told me that this playground is quite huge and the games there are much bigger than the one we usually go and that we should come along the next time he goes to see his client.

So without further adieu, below are the comparisons of the playground we always go for our evening family walks and the one we visited earlier today.

Features The one we always go The new one we went earlier today

The see-saw

Other games

What I think?

The big football field next to the playground,

Love the greens... Ample space... 

Hate the dog poos around the walkway...

More fancy games to play.

Some tunnels/platforms are too close,

might pose a risk of falling down.

I think I still prefer the park we always go to  hahahah

After all it's closer to our home (few minutes away) and is a very big park cum playground (has 2 badminton courts and a big field).

Hubby's 30th Birthday Outing...

~ Posted on Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 4:22 PM ~

We went out for a late lunch at a shopping mall near our place to celebrate hubby's 30th birthday. We stopped by at one of those machine rides for Ben to play for a while. He loves Elmo so this is kinda nice!

Ben: "Mummy, how come my hair is not as curly as Big Bird's?"

Hubby choosing his set meal at Kenny Roger restaurant while Ben looked around...

Ben decided to go for something healthier... Tongue out

Then we went to the supermarket in the shopping mall and let Ben play with those ride on tikes for a while...

He still doesn't know how to cycle the bike yet.

And I finally got hubby's birthday present! Star Craft 2 (aka SC2) was released on 27th July 2010 but hubby wanted to wait a bit to check the reactions from the buyers, in case there are any restrictions to Asean countries when playing this game, etc, etc..

Birthday man posing with his pressie while standing next to the SC2 bunting poster!

Hubby showing the inside look of the game box...

After that we went to the mini playground outside Toys' R Us and Ben checked out one of those game rides... You have to pay a certain amount of money to ride on one of these. We didn't let Ben tried cos he's not comfortable riding on moving machine rides yet (we know cos we tried a day before on one of those machine rides, paid a dollar and Ben jumped out just few seconds after the machine start moving! I think he's not used to it yet...)

Ben seems to like this... Hmm, not bad, good taste actually! Hahahaha...

All in all, it was a relaxing birthday outing for us, with a bit of exception when Ben was playfully testing out his squealing and high pitch sound capability at Kenny Roger's restaurant.

Again, happy birthday to my hubby and I'm positively sure he's totally enjoying his birthday gift now! Cool

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!

~ Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 12:01 AM ~

Today is a special day!

Finally my hubs crossed over the age 30 line and joined me (I'm 3.5 months older than him btw) and from today onwards, he can no longer claimed he is still in his 20s! Hahahaha...

Anyhooo, like I promised him, I'm going to get him this:

But in the meantime, I'm arranging for a belated birthday lunch with our immediate family members on Sunday after church service. Oh, did I mentioned I'm going to get my birthday cake as well? Yeah, MY birthday cake. He didn't want one, and I wanted a JELLY cake... so, I'm getting MY birthday cake! My favorite! Yumyum!

On top of that, I just want to dedicate this post to the man of my life, my first and only boyfriend... to the daddy of my mischievous little monster, to the sole breadwinner of the house, to the mobile playgym for Ben.

Pictures below are taken recently during our family outing at the park... I rarely show pictures of myself and my hubby, so these are the closest you get to see the man of my life!


Ben curiously stepping on leaves...


Ben hanging on to the rail..


Hubby playing with a chuckling Ben...

Happy 30th birthday dear!

(*Note: If you still want to be in your 20s, fine, fine...

"Happy 1st anniversary to your 29th birthday dear!")

Read: Ephesians 6:1-4 (NIV), Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV), Isaiah 11:2 (NIV)