Wordless Wednesday (Baby Gaga)

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 10:22 AM ~

Farewell Lunch to Great Grandma!

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 11:32 AM ~

Last Sunday, we had a lunch farewell plus early birthday celebration for our dearest Great Grandma (Grandma or PoPo to us) who will be leaving for Sydney in a few days time.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the celebration:

Venue: The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Center.

Good choice of place, great food and we had a private room for our function so it feels very comfy and spacious and the service are good too!

Ben's cousins just got back from a church performance (multiracial performance theme) and one of them put on the China man cap on Ben.

Ben is so amused at the long piggy tails that came attached with the cap...

Ben keeping himself hydrated...

Didn't manage to take pictures of any of the dishes because I was busy going for it!

Hahahah... and I was also feeding some to Ben so no free hands to take pictures.

But trust me, the food is really good!

Below is one of the dish we had which I took from the restaurant's website:

Braised Abalone with Imperial Beancurd and broccoli. Super yummy!

After the lunch, we chat around then the children (8 with 1 late teen) got ready for a musical performance for Great Grandma.

We all sang 2 songs while Ben happily sleeps away in his babyland...

Great Grandma praying and making a wish as we celebrated her birthday early.

And this is the yummy birthday cake! I had 2 slice of this, yumyum!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Great Grandma a smooth and safe journey to Sydney and hope that she will enjoy her short stay there.

We'll all be waiting for you when you come back in few months time!

3rd Sunday School!

~ Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 10:34 AM ~

This is what happened on Ben's 3rd Sunday school class:

We arrived early again, so Ben played around with the toys there.

Then he dragged a plastic chair (which is pretty high compared to the one we got at home),

sat on it with a caterpillar toy while still looking around for other toys to play with.

Then as usual, when the class started, it was prayer time, singing, dancing and story telling.

They are repeating the "Jonah" story again this week, so nothing much different to update today.

After the story telling, the children are told to wash hands and get ready for their mini snack time.

After the snack, they get down to art activity which I think for this week is pretty simple, not much creativity required.

Each child was given a ready made fish (paper plate folded into half),

and they just need to stick on the round shape color stickers onto the fish - kinda like the scales of the fish.

After the class ended, we said thanks to the teacher and left for our lunch farewell party with Ben's great grandma which I will write in another post :)

So how did you spend your Sunday?