My Robot Vacuum Cleaner

~ Posted on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 5:51 PM ~


I am a tad stingy person, hence will not spend a big sum of money on gadgets and stuff, but I do admit I have always been intrigued with this robot vacuum gadget. Yes, the price is quite shocking to my wallet.

I'm sure my dear hubby wouldn't mind buying one for me but again, the stingy (or we Chinese called it 'kiam-siap') part of me just can't stomach the thought of spending so much money on gadgets like this.

I do sweep, clean and mop our floor everyday. But with 5 children at home most of the time, churning out eraser shavings from their homework, cutting papers for their crafts and producing dirt everywhere, it is impossible to keep the floors spic and span clean 100% of the time, you know!

Anyway, I do buy a lot of stuff online. I believe that I'm a sensible online shopper who knows how to compare prices and checking available and credible customers' reviews first before buying anything.

So when I saw this little gadget on sale, I thought 'Why not? I think I deserve a little Mothers' Day treat' so I ordered it! Without letting my hubby know of course LOL

There's 2 colours available, naturally I chose the black one as it looks more sleek compared to the white one. Also partly because white will be easier to notice if it is dirty or scratched.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What I like about this gadget is, of course, the PRICE. It makes my wallet less whiny at RM32.40 (less than USD7.50). I also like the fact that it can be charged using USB cable.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

One thing that I must tolerate is the noise from this little gadget. Quite noisy but I guess it is better than my wallet whining sound hehehe... Anyway, according to the product description, you charge this gadget for 40 minutes and it will run around sucking up dirts and stuff for 40 minutes. 

My hubby had a good laugh the first time he saw my robot vacuum cleaner! Darn it! He thought I bought a gigantic robot vacuum cleaner that he normally sees other people having. I told him, repeated to him that I bought a cheap-a** gadget of course it will not be a gigantic size gadget!

So anyway, I just turn on the vacuum cleaner while my children have their tea-time break. This way, EVERYONE is out of the area where this gadget works and won't end up tramping on it and I just occasionally retrieve it to remove the dirt it has gathered.

It has so far faithfully sucked up paper pieces, hair, dust, eraser shavings, even garlic peels! Our 3-year-old boy helped me to peel garlic every now and then and leaves garlic skins on the floor unknowingly.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

 So very easy to operate this gadget and no need to worry about getting batteries yada yada.

At such a price, I really have no regrets so far!

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