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I have never been the type of person that needed any dieting in order to reduce my weight, in fact when I was 5 months pregnant with my first child I was ordered by my gynae to drink full cream milk everyday until I gained the appropriate amount of weight for the pregnancy phase. I have been a steady 45kg (about 99 pounds) since I was 17 years old, increasing to about 56kg, 58kg max for my pregnancies and then decreasing back to 45kg few months after giving birth.

Anyway, back to the topic of dieting. I was reading through this article on and I can't help but agree with the review article that states a healthy diet and weight loss program should go hand in hand if success is going to occur. I mean, I can't see how someone can lose weight by following a diet program and eating all the junks and fatty foods, you know?

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In my opinion, I do believe that when you plan to go on a diet program and decide to take supplements (such as those that suppresses your appetite), you need to do as much research as you possibly can, ask around for feedback, compare between brands, Google for users' feedback, research the company and brands' reputation and background if possible (in case there are any product recalls or health issues reported).

You will also need to be persistent and maintain a healthy food intake as well when you implement your diet plan. People around you giving encouragement and feedback will greatly boost your confidence so you might consider letting your family members and friends know about your dieting plan.

What do you think about dieting?

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Our Experience in Catering Services

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In this post, I would like to share our experience in hiring catering services. We hired a caterer (different companies) for both our kids' baby fullmoon parties, that's when they turned 1 month old.

In my opinion, it is easier to hire a caterer to handle the food and beverages aspect and even the setup of the venue of an event. Imagine having to entertain your family members and guests and also needing to take care of your baby at the same time. Having to worry about the food and beverages aspect at this point is simply too much to handle.

I remembered during our kids' fullmoon parties, the caterer came few days earlier to setup the canopy at our house porch, tables, chairs and fans, all nicely decorated with the appropriate color theme. On the day itself, just a few hours before our party begins, the caterer came and started arranging the food and setup the beverages machine and also stationed a few of their staff to assist our guests.

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I think a good caterer is when:

* Food and beverages are of good quality and freshness. During Benjamin's fullmoon party, our guests rave about the delicious food and one of the dish (boxing chicken dish) is so good that they are snapped up when the party begins! I can't share with you how delicious it is because I never get to taste it... sob, sob...

* Service rendered by their staff is good. I have attended parties where the catering staff regularly walk around and ensure guests are enjoying the food and drinks and making sure the beverages are constantly refilled. Just recently I have attended a baby fullmoon party where the beverages ran out in few hours. No refill, no replacement of beverages. I was quite annoyed at this as I stood right in front of the beverage machine holding an empty paper cup after being told by the catering staff that the drinks (soymilk to be precise) are all gone.

* Used cutleries are constantly cleared away and tables are cleaned after guests used them. I think this shows professionalism in the catering company to be able to handle all these.

Do you have any experience in catering service?

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Guest Post - Top 5 Car Toys for Kids

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All kids love toys, and if your little one loves toys with four wheels, then this top 5 is the perfect list for you. Find them their dream car toy, and they'll be a pro-driver before you can even say the words, driving lessons.

Lightening McQueen toddler bed

Not only does it have striking red paintwork and a shiny set of wheels, but this bed even has its very own lightening strike! This practical yet fun car bed is perfect for tots who don't like going to sleep. You'll never have to suffer from that bed time battle again when they have this cool car waiting for them upstairs!


Perfect if your child has a creative streak, the scalextric allows them to build their own track and decorate their cars. If you have more than one child, this toy is great to get them playing together. A scalextric won't take up much room, as it can be dismantled and stored away after use.

Ride on cars

If you have a big back yard, you could treat your little ones to their very own mini car. they come battery powered or pedaled and, although they are expensive, they'll provide hours of fun. You can also get hold of motorcycles, quads, and even golf buggies for your kids to zoom around on. Just make sure they don't forget to put their helmet on!


Car toys don't have to be large and expensive. There are tones of car puzzles out there for your children to enjoy. Watch their faces light up as they get that missing piece in place, creating the image of their future dream car!

Remote controlled car

A remote controlled car is the perfect, smaller and cheaper alternative to the ride on car. The kids will be whizzing around the garden after their car or truck as they navigate the back yard with their remote. Fun for all the family, the remote controlled car will keep them entertained for hours. If on-road isn't their thing, you can also get remote controlled helicopters!

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