Green Carpet Cleaning?

~ Posted on Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 1:50 PM ~

Wow! Up until today, I have no idea there is such a thing called Green Choice Carpet cleaning!

Have you heard of such terms? In case you haven't well, it is actually a method to clean your carpets (rugs, leather, upholstery and even mattress!) using natural organic cleaning products. 

For your info, most carpet cleaning products contain substances that are known to be irritants, toxins, or carcinogens. A big no-no if you ask me! This is one of the reasons why I am all for reviewing products which are natural and organic and does not contains toxic products which could harm my family and children's health.

We don't have any carpets in our house but we do have a rug in our children's playroom which they can walk and crawl and even lie down on the rug and I definitely would not want them to be exposed to these irritants, toxins, or carcinogens. I think this is a cool way to clean up a carpet (or rug for our case) while going green and staying natural and healthy at the same time.

How do you clean your carpet (or rugs)?

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Guest Post - Saving Money on Days Out With Children

~ Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 8:28 PM ~

If you are stuck for things to do it can often be a great idea to check out the local attractions which are available to you, depending on the age of your child you have an array of opportunities awaiting such as museums, theme parks, exhibitions and aquariums. However the problem with this tends to be the ever increasing costs of everything involved in a day out from the entrance fee to the cost of the snacks and souvenirs.

When planning a day out check out the events schedule of the attraction, you may find many child friendly activities available which are free of charge and give you the opportunity to fill your day with even more fun experiences. A museum for instance may not seem suitable for the very young children but lots do run lots of child friendly activities such as arts and crafts afternoons so everyone can get involved.

Admission fees will probably be your main expense and getting discounts on the tickets is one of the most popular ways the thrifty look to save money. Booking in advance or printing off coupons can result in a discount of up to 20% and for the larger groups these discounts can soon add up.

Lots of attractions offer free admissions to young children so this might help sway your decision when choosing between two different attractions. In addition there are some attractions that offer completely free admission for everyone!

Lunch and snacks at visitor attractions can also often be very expensive, so why not plan in advance and take your own food, drink and snacks. Plan ahead and bake your own homemade cookies to take with you. Theme parks and zoos for instance have lots of picnic areas where you can sit down and eat your own food.

These are easy steps which can quickly add up to big potential savings that can be made.

Horse Themed Gifts

~ Posted on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 8:27 AM ~

Many years ago, I have a habit of finding and giving rabbit themed gifts to a close family member. Why rabbits? That is because the recipient loves rabbit (also the person was born under the rabbit sign in Chinese animals calendar.) From rabbit photo frames to rabbit table decoration items, it is just so much easier finding and giving gifts to this person compared to the rest.

Now the thing about themed gifts are in my opinion, it helps to narrow down the many many choices of gifts to be given. Rather than trying to figure out what to get for someone, at least by knowing and deciding on a theme, it sort of helps refine the search range. Don't you agree?

Another plus point to themed gifts are a very high chance of the person loving the gift you got them and seeing their thrilled faces when they opened up their gifts and realising they add one more gift to their collections. I think that is absolutely good enough to know your money is well spent on a gift that gets appreciated and loved.

My tip in finding the suitable gift is to first find out some information on the recipient's side such as: favorite colors, animals, style and the list goes on. Once I have these information on hand, I will then narrow down and come up with the closest and what I think is the best themed gifts to suit the recipient. From there on, it is just to find out what sort of gifts that can be given within my budget range.

What do you think about horse themed gifts?

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** Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts, opinions and words are 100 % my own.