Pregnancy No-Nos?

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 8:44 AM ~

I had a lunch outing recently with my ex-boss (I brought Ben along) and when we were heading back to the office (I decided to wait there while my hubby came over to fetch us home), I carried Ben and my ex-boss has got the horrified look on her face.

Actually I carried Ben cos I don't want to be holding his hand and have him crossing the road with me - I mean, I'd rather carry him and cross the road than risk him slowing me down and causing any accidents... plus it was quite hot outside and I figured it'd be better (and faster) if I carry him.

Anyway, my ex-boss looked so worried seeing me carrying Ben - what more with my pregnancy at this stage and kept asking me and Ben whether she can carry him instead. She tried asking Ben to walk himself too (which he did after some persuasion). So yeah, that got me thinking... am I seriously doing one of those pregnancy no-no thingy?

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Of course, I'm glad that I don't drink alcohol or smoke (hate it!!) or take any drugs (I didn't eve see a doctor when I had  my cough + sorethroat + runny nose + fever bouts few weeks back) or even eat any raw stuff (think sushi).

But, honestly speaking I've done some pretty scary stunts remarkable things during this round of pregnancy such as:

* Karate kick bathroom door cos hubby was stuck inside (I was about 8 months pregnant)

What actually happened was I heard a loud banging sound from the next room (hubby's home office) while I was dry nursing Ben to sleep and after a few more banging sounds, I decided to go check out what the heck is going on with my hubby at such a late hour (almost midnight).

When I went into his office, I couldn't find him anywhere and then another banging sound came again, from his bathroom. I realised then that he was stuck in his bathroom and there's no way he could get himself out without some fancy McGyver gadgets (oh well, I'd be totally freaked out if he can escaped out using some spare rolls of toilet paper or tooth brush or something)

I can't pull open the door and the only way I could help is to help him push the door inwards while he pulls it from his side. I tried using my shoulder to bang at the door, and then realised it'll be better if I just use my leg to kick the door. Yeap, the good ol' karate kick method! Wachh-aaaaaaaaa!!!!

*Image taken from Google search

I mean, I think my legs are stronger than my skeletal hands so, there you go, an 8 months preggy mum raising her right leg over 90 degrees and kicking the door with all her might. It took a few kicks before door finally bulged and I get to see my hubby's relieved face!

* Breastfeeding during pregnancy and still dry nursing as we speak now
I mean I already got some not so encouraging responses for continuing on my breastfeeding with Ben after he turned 2 years old. And what more now when people find out that I am still dry nursing (meaning no breastmilk as my BM stopped production by itself when I was in my 5th month of pregnancy) Ben while I am pregnant - even to this day, they give me weird looks. I don't know what else to say other than I'll let him nurse as long as he wants (it's part of my daily prayer as well)

* Still carrying my almost 13kg toddler around (though not for long period of time)

Like I mentioned in the first few paragraphs, I do still carry Ben around, though not for long period of time, maybe less than 10 minutes the max during each time.

Latest picture of me carrying Ben during our National Zoo outing. Check out my shirt!

I've heard of people telling me I should not carry so heavy things but I don't know, I mean, if you can just look at your child directly into his eyes and still refused to carry him when he's in pain or crying after a fall or hurt or something or after seeing your hubby got so tired carrying your child all day long then I'd think you have got something wrong in your head.... or heart...

* Running with Ben to the bathroom when he says he needs to pee

My regular blog readers will know that I'm in the midst of potty training Ben (peeing part for now) and yes, part of my self-created BE AWESOME potty training approach is to make it exciting and fun. And feeling excited and fun means I drop/stop whatever I'm doing and just RUN to the bathroom with Ben the moment he tells me he needs to pee.

Of course at almost 9 months pregnant now it does get tiring (especially if you got pranked by your mischievous toddler, and yes he does it quite well...) but I think it's worth it. And it's not like I'm running the whole day long...

* Lie down on my front

Surprisingly, just few days ago, I realised I could still lie down on my front. And read an e-book on my iPad. And then I rolled sideways and realised 'Oh crap... I totally forgot about my preggy bump!' Nothing weird happened just in case you are wondering...

* Still trying to squat as much as I can

With that I mean, if I am out and about, I try to go for the squatting type of toilets rather than the sitting down types. I read that squatting helps with contractions during labor, and I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Ben so I'm going to repeat it with this pregnancy, though I do have to be honest that nowadays, there are few times when I am feeling abit difficult to stand back up after squatting and the thoughts of getting stuck squatting does cross my mind when this happen... so, I think I'll be reducing my squatting exercises to home only...

So what about you? Any pregnancy no-nos you've heard of or practised?

Our Potty Training Tricks? Just BE AWESOME!

~ Posted on Friday, August 5, 2011 at 8:43 AM ~

Few weeks ago, I blogged about potty training Ben with briefs and stickers and how it is starting to pay off in 3 days time. So I thought of sharing the tricks up on our sleeves on the things that works for us and Ben.

Of course, each child is different and I'm in no way saying that our method is the best (or that you should follow it 100%), just want to say these are the tricks that works for us. And I hereby trademark our potty training tricks as:

Before I begin, I would like to state down some disclaimers first:

* All the tricks listed below are based on our own experience, trials and errors.

* Again, I am in no way trying to say it is the best way to go for potty training. Like I said, each child is different. What works for Ben might not work for your child. After all, you have to consider their age, readiness, temperament, who's in-charge, and many other factors as well when you go into potty training.

* The tricks are currently for potty training Ben on his peeing. I have yet to embark on pooping process (will only do so when peeing is successful!)

* If you decide to share this approach with your friends and/or family members, please do remember to credit or link back to my website, after all, it's not easy coming up with this "BE AWESOME" keywords, OK?!!!

(Approaches listed below are in no particular order, other than for making up the words "BE AWESOME"! Hehehe...)


Some of Ben's favorite: Lightning McQueen, Bumblebee of Transformer & a Construction Digger

- If possible, get those with designs on them featuring characters they like!

- Start out with small steps, for me, I started by training Ben during the daytime

- I do have some exceptions in this approach, meaning Ben will be wearing his diapers during nap & sleeping time and also when we go out and I also do not force Ben to wear briefs if he doesn't want to, I mean, we as adults also would not want to be forced into doing something we don't like right?


- If you are training your boy to use potty, it would be particularly helpful if your husband can bring your child along and let your child sees him when he pees. Let them know how it is done!

- Same goes for girls, if you are training your daughter, then YOU show her how it's done


** Image from Google search

- You seriously need to have loads and loads of patience the moment you decided to embark into potty training. Never never never give up!


- Why weekend? There is more time to focus on potty training of course! And it'll be great if your spouse is also around to help you out with the potty training

- With Ben, I noticed that he was so eager to use the potty during the weekends as he wanted to impress his daddy (and perhaps let daddy know his progress so that he could get his bicycle soon?!)

- Also, as my hubby mostly works during weekdays, it is a great relieve off my burden that he can help me out during some of the running to the bathroom to pee in the potty part as I was really getting tired at one point  - imagine being 8 months+ pregnant and RUNNING to the bathroom with your toddler every half an hour (or faster if Ben drinks more water)


- For me, since I love doing book reviews, I started looking out for books particularly on Potty books or Potty iPad apps

- If possible, get books or materials (even Youtube videos) showing how children around your child's age learn to use potty

- My advice is if you are training your boy to use a potty, get books or materials showing BOYS (not girls) using potty, this is so  that they can relate to themselves (I mean you wouldn't want your daughter to pee standing up right?)


- For me, I Googled around and found some examples of potty training chart and then made one specially to cater for Ben's potty training. Our potty training chart allows us to put on stickers for any potty actions that Ben achieved (and I made sure those stickers are stinkingly cute too!)

- Having a chart for potty training allows your child to see his/her progress and Ben gets excited when he gets to put on the stickers everytime after he pees!


Ben standing in front of his potty training chart...

- Make sure the reward/goal is something your child desperately wants to have

- For Ben's case, my hubby promised Ben a bicycle if he's off diapers (we used the term "big boy")


** Image from Google search

- On the first day of potty training, Ben wets himself twice in 10 minutes and he was not able to tell me that he needs to pee. I was of course sad with the realisation of that but I kept to myself, put on a cheerful face and explained to Ben gently that "It's OK for Ben to wet himself, mummy will wipe the floor, no worries, and maybe the next time when Ben feels like wanting to pee, Ben can tell mummy first?"

- I repeated the above sentence often, gently and carefully not to put any pressure on him and I also told myself, do not expect miracle on the first day!

- Thank God from then on, the potty training gets smoother and was I so glad to know Ben started learning and can tell me when he needs to pee!

- Accidents should not be made into a big hoo-hah, just reassure your child that it's OK, we'll try again next time


** Image from Google search

- For an 8 months+ preggy mum, I run with my toddler to the bathroom the moment he says he need to pee (tiring yes, but it's fun for him when he feels it's so exciting and it also make him feel important that mummy has to drop off whatever she's doing and just focus on him immediately!)

- I also taught him to flush away his pee in the toilet seat (made him feel he's doing an important task too!)

So, the above tricks are what's working for Ben and us so far. If an 8 months+ preggy mum like me can do it (just imagine  on the first day of potty training, you're down on  your knees on the floor, wiping piss few times in half an hour), so can you! And I did mentioned that I really really RUN to the bathroom with Ben everytime he needs to pee right? So, yeah, I think you can totally try the above tricks!

Do let me know if you decide to try our tricks above and whether it's working out for your child.

Good luck and keep your chin up!

I Had 5 Different Spaghetti Meals For Lunch!

~ Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 8:46 AM ~

Hubby suggested this place for lunch and I thought, "Oh heck, for RM14.90 (that's about USD5) to eat all I can, why not?!" so we head over to the "Secret of Louisiana" restaurant (after I called up to book a table) and try out the spaghetti meals!

Fact #1: I only had 2.5 plates out of 5 plates that we ordered and tasted a few bites of the other 2.5 plates...

Fact #2: It was for a "Eat All You Can Spaghetti" sets! So what else, eat all I can right?!! (Free refills for soup, vege salads and coffee/tea)

Fact #3: They got my name wrong! (I called in half an hour earlier to reserve a table and I guessed maybe the name 'Jenny' is not so common compared to ermmm.. 'Jane'?)

Below are the pictures taken of the spaghettis meals we ordered...

My first plate: Mexican Aglio Olive

Hubby's first plate: Carbonara Chicken

My 2nd plate: Creamy Pesto White Fish

Hubby's 2nd plate: Chicken Smoked Sausage

The last plate we shared: Chicken with Olive

Desserts: We had this yummy choc mint ice cream!

It was a nice lunch we had and honestly speaking, I enjoyed all the spaghettis served.  It was also the first time I ate olives! (shocking huh!) The portion was just nice, the service was good, the ambience was good and I love the deco in the restaurant too. We did had a bit of a difficulties at the beginning when we tried to look for the restaurant, but it was due to the place location and building setup actually.

Ben digging into his ice cream...

Overall, I will consider going to this place again, though I'm not sure whether I could stomach 5 2.5 plates of spaghetti meals after giving birth to Spicy Baby in September hahahah...