Good Things Keep Coming!

~ Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 12:14 AM ~

Was supposed to post this on Monday which was the day when the good things all came rolling but could only write it up on Monday late night and scheduled for it to be published today. So here it goes:

#1: A whopping TEN books came on the same day for me to review!

The above was the first 9 toddler books which arrived on Monday morning. I was at the kitchen showing the books to my MIL when the 10th book (a parenting book) arrived via UPS delivery. If only you could see my non-stop grinning and happy face!

With this latest addition, I have on my hand now the following items to review:

* Hardcopy: 9 toddler books, 1 parenting book

* Softcopy: 2 cooking books

* 1 baby product, 1 household product

I need to mention there are some more books and products which are making their way to me... God is awfully good to us! God, thank you so much for all this opportunity! Keep em' coming!

#2: Blog followers / visitors using Internet Explorer are able to post comments in my blog now!

Previously, I had this pain in the arse bug in my blog engine which disallow my blog readers to leave their sweet comments in my blog if they are using Internet Explorer. No matter how I tried and test, it just doesn't allow me to leave a comment. The screen just tried to submit the comment and hang after a while. It has been going on some time and I ended up installing the Google Comment widget as a temporary fix while waiting for miracle to happen the bug to be fix.

During the weekend, I took out some widget codes on my sidebar and next thing I know, I was browsing some websites using Internet Explorer and decided to post a test comment on my blog comment and voila! I couldn't believe it myself either and had to test a few rounds before finally accepting this great news! I'm going to let my Google Comment widget remain for a while longer before I take out the code as well (just in case...) so, please do drop me a comment if you're using IE to surf Net so that I know the bug is really gone for now!

#3: 19 months celebrations!

My little man turns 19 months old on Monday, which also marks my 19th month of breastfeeding him!

#4: Potty training mini milestone!

Hubby and I do not wish to force Ben into potty training unless he's absolutely ready for it but one of the books which came on Monday is a potty training book for boys (I'm a sucker for childrens' books which geared towards each side of the gender) and I requested for this particular book so that I could read up and be prepared when the time comes one day.

Since I have 10 hardcopies of books waiting for my review, I was just flipping through the pages and making up my own version of the story as I go along the book with Ben.

When we're done, he walked to our bathroom with me trailing behind, and he sat on one of the potty! (We had two different potty for Ben to try which we just leave in the bathroom so that he gets familiar with seeing it) I was so excited with this sight cos' previously, no matter how we coaxed him into trying to sit on it, he would just shake his head and walked off. But on this memorable day, he walked towards one, sat on it, then walked to the other, sat on it. And walked off and continued playing. Leaving me dumbfounded and wishing I had taken my camera along to record that... never mind, I have not started the review for the book officially anyway, just want to note down that it's pretty amazing to have such a positive milestone!

To end this post, I would like to thank God again for blessing us with all these!

Read: John 1:16 (NIV)

Book Review - My Everyday Promise Bible (Phil A. Smouse)

~ Posted on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at 1:22 PM ~

This is my 3rd ebook I get to review, a children bible book by Phil A. Smouse called: "My Everyday Promise Bible".

Author: Phil A. Smouse
Publisher:  Barbour Books
ISBN: 978-1602604759
Paperback: 384 pages
Dimension: 7 x 5.3 x 1.1 inches

Product description from the Amazon page:
"How can parents teach their kids about God’s faithfulness? Give them My Everyday Promise Bible, from the creator of Jesus Wants All of Me! This brand-new book for kids ages 3 to 5 is packed with age-appropriate Bible promises, devotional thoughts, and fun, colorful illustrations. It features 365 daily readings on a promise of scripture, carefully written so that kids can understand. Author and illustrator Phil A. Smouse has created an engaging way to introduce youngsters to the unchanging goodness of God."

Excerpts from one of the editorial review:
"The Everyday Promise Book is a full year of daily devotionals for children.  Each day contains a Bible verse which is paraphrased by the author so that the child can fully understand God''s promises for that day.  Along with the Bible verse is a short paragraph of instruction and uplifting direction.  Everyday Promise Book is perfect for reading to a small child or for a young reader to read aloud. Both will find a perfect devotional for the day. The devotions cover a variety of subjects from salvation to behaviors, and the art work in the book is beautiful, colorful and soft.  The text is spaced well and readable."

I'm attracted to the cute cover page!

When I saw the page with a note to the parents, I smiled... There's a verse there (Read: Isaiah 40:8 (NIV)) which reminded me why I opted to review this book. I wanted us to have a closer relationship to God and hoping that this book can help.

I love the idea of a book with daily verses which we can flip through and read. Each pages is dedicated for each day in the calendar, with the daily verse and a very cute illustrations and a brief paragraph to accompany the verse.

I also love the index sections! It's categorized into sections such as "Anger", "Courage" and so on, followed by the days which is related to it, making it easy to look for the verses.

If you are planning to get a Christian gift book for a child, you should consider this book! I think this book is a good choice as it is written in simple and easy to understand words and even for Ben who is still young to be reading, at least I can show him the cute illustrations and make up my own version of story for each verses.

You can purchase My Everyday Promise Bible book from Amazon.

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with a galley proof  of the book via my association with netGalley as a reviewer in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

And if you'd like to read my previous book reviews, you can do so by reading this post of mine called "My Book Reviews"

Separation Anxiety!

~ Posted on Monday, October 4, 2010 at 9:50 AM ~

Ben attended his Sunday school yesterday and as usual, we arrived early and let Ben played around while waiting for other parents to arrive with their toddlers. We saw 2 ride-on horses in the classroom, glanced at the white board and suspected the day's story will be "Noah's Ark". Saw some presentation boards and toys that goes along with the story.

Ben proceeded to take the story books, one by one to the table where we were seated at and he was almost on his way to clear off the middle bookcase section when the teacher approached hubby and I suggesting one of us attending the church service (at the main hall, the toddler's Sunday classes are categorized by different age groups and are located in a separate building block)

Darn it... I have always been dreading the day when Ben will have to attend school by himself without mummy and daddy watching over him. I worried that he will have separation anxiety if we're no longer around when he goes to school next time. 

I glanced at hubby, looking for his eye signals or some sort of body language whether one of us should leave the Sunday class and attend the church service. Hubby said he's OK with either one of us leaving.

Teacher looks at me and said "Daddy should give mummy a time off from Ben and let mummy attends the church service!", smiling as she said it.

Darn it, darn it. I feel trapped. I kept quiet.

Teacher continued "Go ahead, leave your boy with your hubby and enjoy the short break. Don't think it will be a long sermon today cos there are some presentations going on".

I feel torn apart... Should I go? Should I stay? I stared at hubby... He's already in his own world with Ben, playing with toys. Bahhhh.... men... Sigh... fine... I'll try this time and see how it goes. Told hubby my bag is at the back of the class, all the stuff (water bottles, wet tissues, hanky etc) are inside and left the room with the heaviest heart ever...

(Photo taken from Google image search)

With every steps taken as I walked away from the classroom and leaving the toddler's building block and heading towards the main hall, I was starting to get worried.

"Is Ben crying now?", "Will hubby be able to handle Ben when he fusses?", "Does hubby knows the hankerchiefs are at the bottom of my bag?"... All sorts of worries and concerns played in my head. I reached the main hall of the church and joined my MIL in the baby room (She prefers to sit in this encased room cos it's not so cold and I think maybe she likes looking at other children)

I immediately set my mobile alarm to alert me in half hour time so I could go and check on Ben's progress. Few minutes before the alarm rang, I told MIL I'm going back to check on my 2 men. When I reached the class, I saw the parents and their child are queueing up to wash hands, getting ready for snacks before the art session. Saw hubby putting Ben on the floor to let him walk back to the class after he washed his hands. I called out to Ben and he walked quickly towards me.

Ahhhhh... My heart tears a little. My little man still recognises his mummy! Then Ben asked to be carried, I obliged. I mean,'s been 30 minutes since I last seen and touch my baby! Give me a break!

Then all the kids went back and got ready for their snacks and I had to pass back Ben to hubby. Ben started fussing and crying as I made my quiet exit. Poor boy, mummy feels so sad. Bwaaaaaaa... Hating the teacher for separating us. Walked back to the main hall and sat next to MIL anxiously. Made a note to myself to check Ben again when it's near the end of his art session, which should be around 20 minutes or so.

After 20 minutes, I told MIL I'm going back to check on Ben. Walked faster and imagining my boy should be finishing his class now. Wondered what artwork he did today and whether he cried much when I left earlier. Was climbing up the stairs and I peeped through the door (there's a small glass window at the main door) and saw them still doing their artwork. Arghhhhhh!! Why does the time seem to pass by so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Decided not to go up further in case Ben saw me. Walked down few steps and then decided, I gotta snap a picture of my boy no matter what! I missed him so much! It's almost 1 hour already! So I climbed up a few steps and zoomed in with my digital camera and snap this picture:

Call me pathetic or weirdo mummy for secretly snooping around taking picture like this but... sob, sob, just look at my little man sitting there with his daddy... without mummy... Anyway, when the class ended, I waited outside and Ben showed me the origami boat with some glued pre-printed paper animals in it and I immediately carried him. I missed my boy!


How am I going to deal with really separating from Ben when he goes to school next time?

I thought separation anxiety is only for the kids?