Reflections on 2013 and Moving On to 2014...

~ Posted on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 at 7:24 AM ~

Reflections on 2013:

2013 was a year of good memories and wonderful milestones!

  • I colored my hair for the first time in my life! And ended up not seeing any difference since my hair was originally so black that the hair dye color was not showing at all!

  • I learned to make a couple of Chinese soups for the family using slow cooker! ABC soup, Lotus Root soup and Szechuan Vegetable Soup.

  • Being pregnant for the 3rd time and giving birth to our 3rd child and hence completing our number of family members as 5 (for now hahaha)

  • Our 1st child is officially potty trained before he turned 4 years old!

  • I get to review more products which benefited our family.

  • I joined an awesome SAHM group on FB, attended my first playgroup with the mummies and kiddos, made a number of mummy friends on FB, was even promoted to be one of the admins in the group, but sadly after lots of consideration, decided to leave the admin post and the group after that to focus on my family and after realising that I am getting too addicted to the group (that is another story to tell in future perhaps)

  • We joined a playgroup where I bring our 2 kiddos to their kiddy playgroup sessions every Tuesday and Friday which I think greatly helps in their social skills, especially after seeing how our 4.5 years old boy slowly shed off his shyness and tantrums in public.

  • I encapsulated my own placenta and CONSUME it.

  • Hubby and I attended a marriage seminar in Melaka and it helped strengthened our relationship and brought us much closer (we brought our kiddos along btw)

  • We managed to register our 1st child into his pre-school for 2014! He's going to start his K3 classes on the 6th Jan 2014.


Moving on to 2014:

I am not big on making new year resolutions - probably because I don't think I am able to fulfill them hahaha... but, oh well... 2014, today is a new day, a new year, I should resolve to be a new person, well at least with new changes and hopefully new positive attitudes.

  • I hope that with Benjamin starting his K3 classes this year, I will still be able to bring our girls to the kiddy playgroup sessions.

  • I hope that Alyson will be independent.

  • I hope that Carolyn will be an easy to care for child just like her brother and sister.
  • I hope that I will have the opportunity to learn to cook more for the family.

  • I hope that our family will remain united and strong.


Here's wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful 2014 and thank you for your support!

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O Christmas Tree...

~ Posted on Wednesday, December 25, 2013 at 8:30 AM ~

One early morning, I set up the Christmas tree in our room before our kiddos wake up. I wanted to surprise them with the tree, so after hubby left for work, I got down to searching for the tree in our storeroom, cleaned it up a bit and started decorating. I then lugged all the presents we got for our kiddos and arranged them under the tree. Once it was done, I waited for our kiddos to wake up.

Our 2 years old girl woke up first, looking blurred and when I pointed to the direction of the tree, she followed my finger direction and stared. Then her eyes widened and she immediately got up and went to investigate the tree and the ornaments around it.

Our 4.5 years old boy woke a short while after that and looking blur as well, he followed my finger direction and went 'Whoa! Is it from Santa?' We are never the fan of Santa Claus and to our boy, Santa is just an old grandpa who hands out presents during Christmas.

So anyway, I got our kiddos to stand next to the tree to take pictures so I could WhatsApp to my hubby. Benjamin was excited (at the presents of course!) while Alyson continued inspecting each and every ornaments around it, dropping some and we have to hang it back.

And suddenly, the whole tree toppled. Alyson pulled an ornament and somehow dragged the whole tree down. Gaaaaaaaa!!! And then Benjamin drew a warning poster and asked me to stick it near the tree so that it served as a warning to Alyson NOT to ever be near the tree anymore! Here's how the warning poster looks like:

Please excuse the funny alphabets written there (my apologies as I was too busy to continue teaching him lately, he is at letter E now, as to how he is able to write letter H, I and X, I guess he saw this letters frequently). Noticed he drew a figure on the right hand side? That's Alyson with a crossed out mark, warning her this person is not allowed at the vicinity of the Christmas tree. Hahahahah! Cute!

Oh well, I still have the warning poster up as memories. In the meantime, here's wishing you and your family a blessed holiday and wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

** Note: I have disabled the commenting feature on my blog engine thanks to all the spammers who happily spam my blog every day. If you wish to ask me any questions, you can find me at my Facebook page (I'm there almost everyday) or just drop me an email if you wish to maintain some anonymity.

2013 Christmas Gifts

~ Posted on Friday, December 20, 2013 at 12:08 AM ~

I have previously blogged about our yummy Christmas gifts to hubby's business clients which showcased gifts we DIY and baked and customised since 2008 to 2010. For 2011, we made some awesome Christmas ribbon trees and then for 2012, we made Christmas trees and houses made of snacks and treats for hubby's clients.

This year, 2013, it is really getting MORE and MORE challenging. With 3 kiddos in tow and time constraints as well, it is really a tough task to complete, though thank God, we made it!

We started cracking our heads on the theme for this year's gifts and hubby came up with the snowman idea. We then have to think what we can use to make the snowman. We have always tried our best to handmade if not all, the majority part of our gifts as we believe in putting in some form of uniqueness and personal touch in our gifts (instead of just buying ready-made hampers etc)

So I came up with my first draft of how our snowman should look like. We planned to get 2 plastic containers and stacked them up, filled them with snacks, candies and treats and put the snowman in a basket.

Snowman DIY Crafts

This was how we wanted the snowman to look like. I took this shot while hubby was in the car taking care of our 3 kiddos. Yes, the whole family have to go out and tag along as hubby and I have to decide together on what to get and how it should look like. Then hubby bought the ribbons and baskets while I get the buttons and other decoration items.

Snowman DIY Crafts

The next challenge is to decide how to make the snowman. Spray it? Paint it? And finally hubby said 'We do the Papier Mâché style.' And so begins the laborous tasks to shred newspapers, wet each pieces with glues and stick the first layer and then we need to add more newspapers near the container's base to puff up the snowman for it's belly and head. Picture below on left is the first result after pasting the newspaper on the containers.

Snowman DIY Crafts

Picture above on right is the first result after hubby add in the fillers to smoothen up the snowman, sand papering them and painting about 2 coats of white paint over the snowman. At this point to be honest, hubby was losing confidence in our snowman as some of them are cracking up and making holes when we hold them up and while I persevered on and kept on telling him it looks nice and not to compare our snowman with the commercial adverts showing those smooth rounded snowman image.

I did at one point lost my confidence too when I accidentally cracked one of the snowman just as I picked it up to investigate whether it has dried up completely. I felt so down that I began to make another prototype using ribbons and stuff. Hubby got home, saw my prototype and went 'No. We use our Papier Mâché snowman!'

The next day, he started making the snowman's nose, I gave him an orange colored marker pen and upon gluing the nose onto the snowman head, it really starts to look real nice. I immediately see hubby's face lighting up and as we drew the eyes and mouth (Ben even drew one of the snowman's mouth!) and started gluing them onto the snowman's head, followed by the buttons on the snowman's body, by then it really looks more and more awesome!

Snowman DIY Crafts

Then hubby had to rush out for an appointment and while our kiddos take their lunch, I continued onto touch up the snowman's hat with some tiny glitter stones on the hat's surface and also putting a ribbon all around the hat's base. I also started stuffing the snowman's body and head with snacks, treats and candies.

As for the snowman's hands, I used 2 toothpicks, 1 acted as the arm, while another 1 is broken into 2 as the fingers. Then I used a white paper plaster to plaster up the arms and the fingers. Final touch is to color up the hands with brown crayon. I couldn't find my brown marker pen, so crayon it is!

When hubby got home in the evening, we continued on to seal the snowman's head with a white crepe paper, secured with rubber bands and then we just put on the head onto the snowman's body. I then proceeded to cut out a long strand of red ribbon to tie up around each snowman's neck. Each of the snowman has different scarf style!

Next, we glued the hat to the snowman's head and hubby started adding snacks and treats into each basket where we put in the snowman. After all snacks and treats have been added into the basket, hubby started gluing and pasting the hands onto the snowman. After our kiddos went to bed, I quickly designed the greeting cards, printed them and pasted them onto postcard and cut out the cards accordingly. Punched a hole into each cards and string them with a nice green colored ribbon.

And so we present to you now, some pictures taken of the 2013 Christmas gifts for hubby's clients:

Snowman DIY Crafts

I personally like the one below, the snowman looks so cute with his tiny little O-shaped mouth, as if he is surprised with something!

Snowman DIY Crafts

Snowman DIY Crafts

Like I mentioned earlier, with 3 kiddos in tow and time constraints as well, it is really a tough task to complete this year! I think hubby did most of the tasks (the idea, the painting, etc etc), I only managed to papier mâché a few of the snowman's heads and bodies as everytime I tried to sit down to paste the newspaper shreds, either baby Carolyn will cry or Alyson will be disturbing Benjamin or vice versa.

Anyway, that is history now. The important thing is our job is finally done and I'm glad to see hubby's happy face at the results of our gifts this year. I hope hubby's clients will like their snowman too!

So what do you think of our gifts this year?

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